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WWE’s handling of Eva Marie genius thus far

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Funny how many in the WWE Universe is currently praising the Eva Marie character. Here we have a talent the WWE is clearly protecting by hiding all her flaws and only highlighting her strengths, and we are for some reason appreciating her for it. We are giving all the credit to the performer despite the only thing she has actually done is walk to the ring at this point.

There’s a flip side to this. We credit Eva Marie for all her brilliance despite it being the WWE who is doing the smart things here. All while the company was killing the Roman Reigns character and placing blame on him despite all the wrongdoings being theirs.

As for Eva Marie, we still have no idea how good – or better for her, really – she is as a wrestler. She’s spent the majority of her WWE career as a reality star. It was good for her and the WWE when “Total Divas” was at its apex, and her heel-like presence on the show is part of the reason the WWE wants her to succeed so badly during programming.

There’s more to it than that. The company is being somewhat hypocritical here. We are meant to be in a post-women’s revolution, a place in time and space when the in-ring action means the most, and here we have a character who can’t wrestle.

Her endgame here is obvious. She will continue to do this to Becky, maybe even to the point of cheating her way to landing the SmackDown version of the Women’s Championship, then Becky will eventually get revenge and all of the WWE Universe will pop in massive fashion.

Even if that is the goal here, it does mean that at some point either Eva Marie will have to wrestle a legit match, which can go horribly wrong if she hasn’t improved to a huge degree, or the WWE will have Becky – whenever she finally gets her hands on her – squash Eva in a matter of seconds.

Hooray women’s revolution…

Most of us watch the stable of talented women wrestlers and appreciate how far the division has come. With the WWE forcing Eva into this situation, it does tarnish it all a bit. It’s like the WWE wants us to think they care about the credibility of women’s wrestling, but not at the expense of going its normal route of forcing a “model looking woman” down our throats.

This is where one get torn as a fan of wrestling.

While most want the women’s division to succeed – myself included – the WWE utilizing Eva Marie in this fashion is one of relative brilliance. She’s not being pushed as a face or some wrestling god. Instead, she’s a pure heel, all of the other women wrestlers despise her for not being an actual wrestler in storyline (we think…), and part of her gimmick is that she represents what was forever wrong with the WWE’s attempts at building wrestler – as everyone knows she’s merely on programming for the looks.

Because of that, she is probably the most over female heel in the company. The WWE took everything the Internet Wrestling Community loathes about the Divas era and packed it inside one talent. Her flaws, here being her actual wrestling skills, are being used as one of the things to get her over.

There is still plenty of time for the entire Eva Marie angle to turn into gold or become an epic fail. For now at least, she is doing exactly what the WWE was hoping for – which isn’t much.

The WWE has done a better job using Eva Marie’s strengths and weaknesses to help build her into a mega-heel than any other performer on the roster. That doesn’t speak to her genius. It speaks to the WWE’s.

Now, if only they’d copy this gimmick and apply it similarly to Reigns we can have… never mind.

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