SmackDown’s Women’s Championship: Making a case for each contender

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SmackDown announced on Tuesday night that it is going to have its own version of the Women’s Championship. It makes sense too, as having women fighting on the roster, yet having nothing to fight over, would be like a person banging his or her head off the wall simply to see if they could put a hole in it before knocking themselves out.

That’s the very good news. There is some bad. You know, the fact that there’s only six women on the SmackDown roster, which makes it thin by nature of quantity of talent on the roster while not even factoring in the quality of the performers.

Down the road that can make for a dangerous situation. Without the division having depth, the Women’s Championship might end up in either a monopoly situation of one woman holding the title forever or a hot potato, as the WWE might attempt to make each wrestler seem more important by trying to attach a title run to her past.

Regardless, that’s the type of stuff we can worry about in a few months.

As for right now, however, we know that the Women’s Championship will be decided in a six-pack challenge at Backlash. With that being the case, and the pioneering future champion having the burden of carrying the division on her shoulders, let’s make a case for each of the participants to win the title.


As it is with another competitor, Carmella is brand spanking new to the main roster, an aspect that might make the WWE hesitant to give her the strap. Then again, the company had no qualms in giving Finn Balor the Universal Championship after only a month’s work on Raw.

It is worth pointing out that she appeared to turn heel on Tuesday. This is mostly a good thing, as the women’s division as a whole needs far more — and, more importantly, better — evil-doers.

Does this give her a leg up heading into Backlash? Probably not. She isn’t anywhere near one of the favorites. That being said, she is still rather green in the ring, but at the same time the NXT faithful fan base loves her like they love their own children.

If the WWE is willing to go complete shock and awe, Carmella winning the title would certainly be a great choice. Plus, it would add an instant credibility to her that she might not otherwise get competing in the division.


Naomi is a weird performer. Not because she is bad, but because her greatness got lumped into the Divas Era of the women’s division, and she probably deserves better.

Problem here is if her time is already too far gone by. Is there still a chance to make her a marketable, credible, and perceived to be deserving champion?

I say yes. She is remarkable in the ring, and may very well be the most athletic woman on either of the main rosters. By giving her a chance to highlight her skill set in a few 10-20 minute matches, the WWE Universe might fall in love with her abilities for the very first time.

All of that being said, who doesn’t love a wrestler who glows in the dark thanks to the wardrobe worn? For that reason alone she should get an honest look.

Becky Lynch

Definitely one of the two odds-on-favorites. Becky, who is one of the original Four Horsewomen of NXT, is one of the few members of the women’s revolution who has yet to be given a chance to hold a title. It is a shame too, as some of her original shine might have been dimmed due to some jobbing as of late.

Luckily for her, SmackDown becoming its own property has made her the top face of the women’s division on that brand. She is, for a lack of a better comparison, the John Cena of the females — well, without wearing jean shorts or purple shirts, though her wrestling Mad Max-inspired gear might be considered as questionable as the Cena-monster’s.

Becky is the safe bet to win the belt. She is beloved, has paid some dues, and the WWE would have numerous angles to play out if she were to be the first SmackDown Women’s Champion. Honestly, she is the logical choice.

Nikki Bella

I suppose Nikki has come back as a face? She left as a heel, mind you. But after Tuesday night, coupled with her surprise return, it is safe to say that the WWE is currently booking her as a good guy.

With Becky, Nikki is the other favorite to win the match. The only concerns the WWE should have here are: Is she healthy enough to put on good matches moving forward; would it be hypocritical in the post-women’s revolution to throw the strap on the same woman who represented the Divas Era mostly everyone despised?

But don’t let the era in which she competed in fully make you sick in the tummy. Nikki improved dramatically before getting injured, and it is believed that her sister’s husband, Daniel Bryan, was training her before she made her comeback.

A potentially even better in-the-ring Nikki, while not helping with the perceived idea of a new era of women’s wrestling, wouldn’t be a horrible move. That is, well, if the IWC gives her a fair shake.


I can’t even pretend with this one. Natalya has regressed in the ring horribly. Not to mention whenever she puts someone in a submission, or someone has one applied on her, she sells it by smiling… and, ugh, who in the hell smiles while being in pain? Seriously, we are not talking like “I enjoy being hurt” smile. No, sir or madam, we are talking about “this is how I sell my pain, by smiling” smile.

Outside a lifetime achievement award, I can’t in good conscious make a solid case for her.

Alexa Bliss

Bliss is the dark horse candidate. Also, as a full-disclosure: She is currently my favorite female performer.

A heel, Bliss has improved in the ring each time she has entered it. Not to mention how much her character has evolved over a relatively short period of time — something many didn’t notice unless consuming tons of NXT content.

In my personal — and not at all humble — opinion, Bliss’ character can really use the title. She is a really good performer and character, but the WWE Universe just doesn’t realize it yet. By giving her the chance to be the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion, it can add instant credibility to a performer who might get lost in the wave of other newcomers to the division.

Basically, she is a wrestler worth protecting and elevating. I’m just not too sure how they will be able to do that if she’s not immediately hurled into the main event scene.

SmackDown’s Women’s Championship: Making a case for each contender

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