Powerbomb Q&A: What it’s like to be a local jobber for WWE

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One of the most unlikely sensations to come out of last night’s Raw was James Ellsworth, otherwise known as the local guy who was valiantly and violently squashed by Braun Strowman in less than a minute. Readers will be pleased to know that he is still alive, and was kind enough to chat with Today’s Powerbomb recently.

Today’s Powerbomb: So, James, it seems that having local talent put up against larger WWE stars is making a comeback. How does it feel to be a part of this long tradition?

James Ellsworth: It was amazing. I grew up watching Raw – every episode since its debut it ’93. In those days, local talent was used all the time, so it was very nostalgic for me.

TPB: Regardless of the outcome of your match, you must be pretty thrilled to appeared on WWE TV. How did you end up getting picked for that match?

JE: I’ve been working WWE spots as an extra since 2012 now. I was one of Adam Rose’s ‘Rosebuds’ a few times, but this was my first match there. During the day, Arn Anderson asked me to throw a punch at one of the other extras, liked what he saw, and gave me the spot. I was stoked – it was a dream come true.

TPB: You essentially played the role of “local jobber.” Does getting squashed in seconds damage the confidence of guys like yourself?

JE: No, it doesn’t hurt my confidence at all. It’s great exposure for guys like me, and I’ve had a lot of great and very humbling feedback. As a result, I’m hopefully going to be appearing on Chris Jericho’s podcast soon. Also, promoters have been contacting me for bookings as a result of being on Raw. While I’m unlikely to be appearing on WWE TV again anytime soon – because once you get a match you’re out of the loop – I hope to be going to the WWE Performance Center soon.

TPB: People underestimate enhancement talent. Making someone look strong is an artform in itself. What did you do specifically to make Braun look like a monster?

JE: I got a lot of great feedback for doing “the job” last night. To make Strowman look strong, I just had to act visually scared for my life and take the bumps hard… Yes, he hit me pretty hard and yes, I’m sore today – but wrestling isn’t ballet and I know that.

TPB: Michael Cole was pretty dismissive of you on commentary. Is he going to get squashed by you if he does it again?

JE: Michael Cole always bashes the local talent on commentary. I don’t take it personally.

TPB: Obviously there is more to you than what we saw last night. You’re also known as Pretty Jimmy Dream and you’ve been on the scene for a while. Tell us a bit about your career outside the WWE.

JE:Well, I’m 31 years old and I’ve been wrestling since 2002. I was trained by Axl Rotten (R.I.P) and I’ve been in the ring with countless legends, including Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Matt Hardy, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, and numerous others. Back in Maryland, I’m the promoter of Adrenaline Championship Wrestling.

TPB: Finally, James, what advice would you give to someone looking for a spot on WWE TV? “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance,” perhaps?

JE: I actually came up with that line myself, and they really liked it… And yep, that is the best advice I’d give to anybody.

Powerbomb Q&A: What it’s like to be a local jobber for WWE

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