Despite less picks, SmackDown not a ‘B Show’

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Tuesday’s WWE Draft will see that for every two picks SmackDown receives, Raw will receive three. The flagship Monday night show will also receive the very first pick of the entire thing. The logic behind the move, at least the one being told to the public, is that Raw is a three-hour program, so of course it would need more picks.

Still, it does leave somewhat bittersweet taste in the mouth of a fan who was looking toward SmackDown being elevated as an equal to Raw. While the actual logic of it all makes total sense, we are about to witness first live SmackDown in some time, and the largest portion of the show will be dedicated to guys going to Raw.

There are much easier solutions to this than simply having more guys being draft to Raw on a SmackDown program.

Of all the drafts the WWE has ever held, most of them finish up on the company’s website. It makes sense too, as a two-hour program can’t strictly feature 40-60 guys getting picked. Since that is usually the case, wouldn’t it make sense from a branding of SmackDown standpoint to have those logistical issues taken care of off air?


Circling back to the issue, giving Raw more picks on the first live SmackDown is more an issue in perception than it is in reality. We should afford the WWE some benefit of the doubt here. After all, the logic completely makes sense. Still, it is weird as all hell to watch what might as well be considered the first “good” SmackDown in four or five years and it to be primarily about another program.

It would be like watching a crossover episode of “The Simpsons” that features characters from “Family Guy,” but instead of Peter and Brian and company being there to add support to Homer’s family, 75 percent of the show was about the Griffins, but it just so happened to be set in Springfield.

That’s pretty much what Tuesday’s SmackDown now is. If we are to truly believe that this is a hard-split, and this will be the last non-WWE Network Special in which we see all of the roster together, the show that is hosting the event should be the primary focus.

The WWE should want there to be “Raw people” and “SmackDown fans.” SmackDown is hosting the thing. It should be the primary focus is all.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean SmackDown will for sure be treated as the “B show” moving forward. It merely means, as per Monday Night Raw bylaws, that the flagship program continues to take precedent over the other show that has changed networks, time slots and dates aired more times than most can remember.

Here is to hoping that this one incident is an anomaly. A problem the WWE is attempting to solve using the logic of the numbers game. And most certainly not indicative of where the company has its priorities set. I mean, equals are meant to be treated as equals no matter what.

Despite less picks, SmackDown not a ‘B Show’

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