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Dear WWE: When are Raw’s cruiserweights coming?

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

The WWE is a fickle beast. When it wants to, the company that once booked an angle in which we were to believe a voodoo man made the Ultimate Warrior hurl can do some amazing things. Angles that need to be tied up, providing the fanbase with closure, happens after nearly every WrestleMania, characters can get fleshed out to complex levels, and so many incredible things can happen.

Then there’s the other stuff. The aforementioned Papa Shango thing, not ever really knowing who ran GTV, or the anonymous Raw general manager, there are often many unanswered questions left in the wake of the WWE’s decision making process.

Let’s take a gander at five questions the WWE has left unanswered; questions that should be addressed at some point this week in at least a more defined way.

Where are the cruiserweights?

We know they are coming, as the WWE has told us on countless occasions, but when? Is the company waiting until after the glorious CWC meets its conclusion?

While most of us are eagerly anticipating the debut of the high-flyers, ring tacticians, and wonderfully delightful smaller talents, it would be nice to know when they are actually coming. This can be easily addressed by the WWE with a simple “in a week” or a “after the CWC” or any sort of one-line sentence instead of the graphic that broadly states that they are coming.

Is this of insane importance? No, but it would clarify some confusion.

Will there be repercussions for Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar?

These guys are ruining this supposed hard brand split. We couldn’t even make an entire two weeks before the WWE forced talent on other programs.

Since the split is meant to be hard, some repercussions should probably be enforced. At least that’s what one normal human would assume. Then again, you know what happens when you assume things.

Will the WWE (in-script) punish these guys for what would technically be trespassing, assault and numerous other felonies? Neither guy is a performer on the other brand and what each did would be no different than a random fan jumping the guardrails to curbstomp a talent.

Logic rarely applies in the WWE, so any sort of punishment isn’t a definite, but we should know if there is a (scripted) punishment for guys popping up on other brands.

Will Shelton Benjamin be back at any point?

The WWE announced that “The Gold Standard” would be returning to SmackDown a few weeks ago, but the former member of The World’s Greatest Tag Team announced on Twitter on Sunday that he is medically disqualified from being able to do so.

That sincerely stinks.

But does this mean the end of Benjamin coming back to the WWE? After all, the company already announced he was coming back and now many fans who feel as though he was underused during his first run with the company are walking around with a sad-face emoji attached to their real-life face.

It would be nice if the WWE not only mentioned him not being able to come back yet on SmackDown, but to clarify if he is toast with the company or if he will return after getting all healed up.

Will there be other titles, as rumored?

The Internet Wrestling Community has seen its fair share of rumors of the years, but the one making the rounds about the WWE bringing back a second tag team title and another women’s title seem legit.

This seems like an issue that needs addressing if true. How long are we to watch SmackDown before these supposed belts get put in the rotation?

We are entering our third SmackDown post-brand extension. Now appears as a good a time as any to announce the addition of these belts. As it is with every other question that needs answering this week, it can be done in a rather simple “these belts are coming back” line from one of the announcers.

Is the U.S. title feud for Roman or Rusev?

This can clearly be a chicken or egg situation, as the feud can be to (re)elevate both guys, but only one of these guys will come out of the angle the victor. So, which one is getting pushed as the more important mid-card talent?

Yes, that means Roman is now in the mid-card, which is a good thing, as it allows him to flesh some flaws out, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the WWE is going to have him dominate the U.S. title scene just because he is coming down from the WWE Championship picture.

I’m not entirely sure we can get this question answered this week, but many clarifications need to be addressed. Is Roman still a tweener? Is Lana going to fall in love with Roman’s musk? Will Rusev finally get the props from the WWE Universe he so rightfully deserves? All incredibly important things.

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