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Dear WWE: Is James Ellsworth remaining an important angle fixture?

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Fresh off a more than solid Hell in a Cell Network Special, the WWE has its work cut out for them. With Survivor Series less than a month away (Nov. 20), the company does not have a lot of time to put together some teams for the first “brand vs brand” event since the brand-split occurred.

It will be interesting to see how the WWE does handle that. Will the stories be more about each brand putting together its tag, male and female teams or will the focus be put on each shows’ “bosses” going at each other for the sake of product superiority?

Those are some questions WWE faces over the course of the next few weeks. Let’s get to some more, as we ask the billion-dollar wrestling federation some things that are on our mind.

Is James Ellsworth Remaining A Thing?

This is a question that is being posed as rumors are swirling that the jobber is potentially in-line for a full-time gig with the WWE.

Putting that to the wayside, as that can simply be the WWE looking to have a jobber-to-the-stars a la The Brooklyn Brawler, Ellsworth has been in the limelight a great deal over the course of the last month.

While more polished talents like Apollo Crews and {insert almost every other person here} struggles to find decent angles to succeed in, the WWE has invested three-to-five segments per SmackDown Live episode in getting A JOBBER OVER since Ellsworth first became intertwined in the Styles-Ambrose feud.

Will this continue, though?

With Ellsworth accidentally costing Dean Ambrose his match with AJ Styles on the latest edition of SmackDown, a few different things can result from it.

  • Ambrose can turn heel by walloping the wildly over Ellsworth.
  • Ellsworth can turn heel (lololol) on Ambrose.
  • Both Styles and Ambrose can beat up Ellsworth to the point of writing him off TV.

If it isn’t the last option, or some form of it, it means the WWE is going to keep Ellsworth near the main event scene for the foreseeable future.

Kind of scary when you think about it. Especially since many of the people going bonkers over the Chinless Wonder (patent pending) are the same who complain about “young guys with talent not getting a shot.” I mean, not to be a jerk about it, Ellsworth isn’t exactly dripping with the type of in-ring abilities that will result in five-star matches.

Is Seth Rollins Set To Feud With Chris Jericho?

Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins to retain the Universal Championship at HIAC. It was a really entertaining bout that featured Y2J helping his best friend earn the victory by sneaking his way into the cage after a fire extinguisher apparently made a referee blind or something… probably something, but you need not worry about the semantics.

After the match was over, and Owens was already near the top of the entrance ramp, Jericho returned to the ring to hit the codebreaker on Rollins.

At least on the surface, that didn’t seem like something done to merely “rub it in.” Owens wasn’t involved during any of the post-match shenanigans, which can make one easily assume a Jericho-Rollins feud is about to hit Monday Night Raw.

While that makes complete sense, there are issues. With Survivor Series looming, it will be interesting to see if this is a story that takes place as Raw’s five-man team is being formed or if this is indeed a one-on-one blow off feud.

My money is actually on the former, as there is little to no time to have this feud conclude before Survivor Series. However, this angle can play through the Network Special, in which both guys cost each other during the brand-vs-brand match, continuing this presumed feud.

What’s Next For Kevin Owens?

Assuming (I know, don’t assume) the above idea of a Rollins-Y2J feud being true, it leaves Owens without a ready-made contender.

Not only is Roman Reigns still trotting about the United States Championship scene, but if Rollins is gone to the realm of feuding against Jericho, who the hell else is there for Owens to defeat or lose to?

The answer to this question can actually be similar to the one in the previous subhead.

Owens’ story doesn’t need to take full shape until AFTER Survivor Series. It wouldn’t be shocking at all, starting as early as this Monday Night Raw, for Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley to begin putting together their “best five males” team for Survivor Series, and the first three men chosen being Owens, Jericho and Rollins.

If it is not that, though, what else is there for the incredible performer to do?

Is Randy Orton Really Joining The Wyatt Family?

Randy Orton didn’t turn on Kane! Please, stop saying that.

No. Really. I mean it. People need to stop saying that. The two were never friends, so one can’t turn on the other. We simply assumed the duo had common enemies. That is it. Nothing else.

Anyway, a turning of a phrase that annoys me to no end behind us, Orton did cut a promo in which he said, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

That very Orton-ish emotionless promo has led to speculation that he is joining the Wyatt Family. Here is the thing, though… does anyone actually believe he is joining them?

It doesn’t fit, at all. Not for him. Not for the Wyatt Family. Not for consumers of the WWE product. It just makes no sense. What does make some sense, however, is Orton pretending he is befriending the cult and blindsiding them in the near future. While that doesn’t explain him RKO’ing Kane, logic in the WWE rarely needs to apply.

How the WWE handles this entire situation on Tuesday night is a rather interesting thing to follow. What will The Viper do?

Are We Really Doing Sheamus And Cesaro Again?

Cesaro and Sheamus won their match against New Day at Hell in a Cell. Unfortunately for the mashed-together duo, it was due to a disqualification, which means — as WWE announcers love to tell us — the titles didn’t change hands.


We already know where this one is going, right? That the team is going to get another shot against New Day, fall short again due to precarious situation(s), and culminate their tag team run together with (wait for it)… another Sheamus vs Cesaro feud.

Sigh, again.

This week’s edition of Raw will obviously help fans figure out if the obvious is true. But maybe this is the ultimate WWE swerve, and we’re on the verge of seeing them win the tag team gold. A thing, mind you, which would actually be worse than them feuding again.

After all, it would be an incredible disservice to the division, and — more importantly — New Day’s record-setting run, to have a randomly put together tag team win the titles.

Will the WWE prove us all wrong and shock us with something pleasantly surprising?

(The answer is probably no. Like, 99 percent chance of it being no.)

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