Dana Brooke meltdown couldn’t come at better time

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Dana Brooke has had a pretty rough ride. Her most prominent role since ascending to the main roster has been as the ever loyal puppy dog lackey to WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

This past Monday night on Raw, the frictions between the two developed yet further. Tiring of the ear clouting master-servant abuse, Dana Brooke finally snapped and smacked Charlotte squarely in the chops, leading to her attaining a shot at the belt.

Dana Brooke is a fantastic character, and a wonderful bit of development came when she essentially begged Charlotte to take her back under her wing after she failed to capture a No. 1 contendership. The precarious nature of their relationship at this stage is a good point to reach in terms of realism, and their positive relations surely can’t stretch beyond Charlotte’s title defense against Sasha Banks, which Brooke surely won’t be able to keep herself from interfering in.

The WWE can take great pride in its imagination when it comes to a diversity in the outcomes of matches that happen repeatedly between the same people. Since Sasha Banks has already beaten Charlotte clean, and then lost cleanly, it wouldn’t make sense to play a repetitive game of pass the parcel with the womens’ title in a series of duplicate matches. Brooke’s meltdown has come at a perfect point in the rivalry between Banks and Charlotte, making her a wild card when the two eventually meet at Clash of Champions.

However, while Dana Brooke is an excellent character in this Stockholm syndrome-style angle with Charlotte, she also just isn’t a very good wrestler. Her contributions to the triple threat match with Bayley and Banks were sluggish, and ground it to a halt on a number of occasions. But then, that’s to be expected from somebody who can’t even competently pull someone’s leg onto the bottom rope from outside the ring (no, we haven’t forgotten).

Dana Brooke is at an impasse. While her blunder will inevitably lead to a major fallout between her and Charlotte, it’s hard to see how best her talents can be deployed once Charlotte cuts her loose in much the same way as she did with her father, Ric Flair.

Dana could move into a feud with Charlotte post Clash of Champions. Such a face-off has all the makings of a classic blood feud, and the pathetic and hopelessly abused lackey finally gets her revenge on her captor. This would do the women’s division a lot of favors in terms of diversity. This puts other competitors in this highly talented division in the shadows, rendering them mere bit players  in what is a two woman feud, the likes of which we saw on a monthly basis as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Cesaro were constantly used as supporting artists in multi-man matches designed solely to advance people other than them.

By creating a feud rooted solely in the fact that two people don’t like each other very much (something that is being done well between Sheamus and Cesaro), you ensure that every competitor in that division looks like a solo star rather than a bit player.

Dana Brooke, more than anybody else, needs the opportunity to develop her in-ring skill in more singles matches. In multi-woman matches, she only slows down the pace. By working one on one, there might be an opportunity for her to develop as a performer. There mightn’t be anyone better to bring out the best in her than someone as talented as Charlotte.

Dana Brooke meltdown couldn’t come at better time

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