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WWE, The New Day announce ‘Booty-O’s’ has become a real cereal

(Photo courtesy of WWE.com)

While the current WWE tag team champions, The New Day, have been parading around the ring with a box of “Booty-O’s” cereal for the better part of the last calendar year, WWE fans will be able to do the same come August 5.

According to a joint Comic-Con panel between WWE and Mattel on Thursday, The New Day officially announced that “Booty-O’s” have gone¬†from a gimmick into a real, edible cereal. “The Power of Positivity” has reached new heights as boxes of the formerly fictitious cereal can be purchased by the public later on this summer.

“Booty-O’s” is now an actual cereal for sale,” said one-third of The New Day, Kofi Kingston.

It is also worth noting that The New Day are currently on pace to become the longest-reigning tag team champions in the company’s history.

“Boxes are available at FYE.com and the pre-sale launches today,” added Big E Langston. “It’s a very real thing. The cereal actually tastes phenomenal. It really does. We just tried it a couple days ago. It’s real.”
Even the other WWE superstars in attendance chimed in to praise the sensation that is “Booty-O’s.”

“I heard it’s part of a well balanced booty,” said a recent addition to the WWE in AJ Styles, “Is that true?”

“If you eat enough, you’ll get as thick as you need to,” Xavier Woods responded.

With the WWE recently experiencing their latest brand split between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, The New Day were drafted to remain on the company’s three-hour-long Monday night installment. Because The New Day will continue to appear as the tag team champions via Raw, it seems as though “Booty-O’s” won’t be going anywhere either.

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