TNA executive claims WWE sale not true

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Not so fast, pro wrestling fans; TNA may still have some life in it just yet.

While much of the wrestling community was set ablaze Wednesday morning over the rumor that Vince McMahon was purchasing the rights to rival TNA’s video library in a blockbuster sale, TNA executive Bob Ryder says the reports are not true.

While talks of a TNA-to-WWE deal were running rampant over the past few weeks, excitement surrounding the potential move hit an all-time high once former WWE commentator Jim Ross reported that the deal was “imminent.”

“WWE is allegedly very close to buying the TNA library. Not the promotion, the TNA library,” he said on his podcast (h/t SE Scoops). Obviously, with WWE Network, the TNA library could be a nice resource, a nice asset. Now, you know, TNA does have some talents I’m sure WWE would like to have down the road, but now I hear that WWE and TNA have had talks about buying the library and that a deal is imminent.”

Ross’ report was later reaffirmed by wrestling journalist Justin LaBar, who expanded on the news by saying that Billy Corgan would get majority ownership of Impact Wrestling and would likely rebrand the company moving forward.

While unconfirmed, the potential deal in question appears to be a solid move for all parties involved. As noted, WWE would get the rights to the video library that now features many of its popular performers, Total Nonstop Action owner Dixie Carter would receive a nice deal to walk away from the industry and Corgan would get a fresh start with the current crop of talent featured on the brand.

TNA executive claims WWE sale not true

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