Revival’s second title reign in NXT a two-sided coin

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Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are the only team to hold the NXT Tag Team Championship twice. The only other individual Superstar to hold the tag-titles twice was [Adrian] Neville, who won the inaugural eight-team tournament with Oliver Grey as part of “British Ambition” and later alongside Corey Graves.

But The Revival are the only cohesive unit with multiple reigns, which deserves credit, especially considering no other title holder has held the belt more than once.

Every NXT Champion and Women’s Champion has been limited to one reign. Not Seth Rollins, not Sasha Banks, nor Finn Balor has had a second stint with their respective titles.

That’s just how developmental works. A promotion to the main roster becomes inevitable once a Superstar reaches the pinnacle of its division. Every single NXT Champion prior to Samoa Joe and Women’s Champion before Bayley – both of whom lost within the past three months – is on the main roster.

The same goes for the majority of former tag-team champions excluding Grey, who was released in 2014, Graves, who was forced to retire due to concussions and Blake and Murphy who have never seemed appealing other than having Alexa Bliss in their corner.

So is The Revival’s second reign a good thing or a bad thing? It’s obvious that their stock in NXT is high, but are they doomed to being stuck in developmental?

Both sides present strong arguments, but really, it’s a matter of timing. The Revival’s first run with the tag titles came in November during an NXT taping and, despite lasting nearly five months, seemed like a transition reign for Chad Gable and Jason Jordan of American Alpha. It wasn’t like two babyfaces had the belts to begin with, but as noted, Blake and Murphy weren’t nearly as over as their former manager.

During their initial reign, Dash and Dawson put on stellar matches with Enzo and Cass and eventually Gable and Jordan at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. American Alpha defeated The Revival for its first tag-team title reign before dropping the belts at TakeOver: The End in June.

Perhaps Alpha’s win was to give Gable and Jordan their deserved recognition in NXT before being called up to the main roster. But where does that leave The Revival?

Sure, A.A. was the most over tag-team in NXT before being promoted, but Dash and Dawson are easily a close second.

Raw or SmackDown had room for both American Alpha and The Revival, but it’s clear Dash and Dawson weren’t on WWE’s radar. Giving them a second title reign shows that their stock is high in NXT, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to the main roster.

Even if they do make it eventually, their title reigns are hardly a guarantee for success. Of the last four teams to be called up – The Ascension, Lucha Dragons, Enzo & Cass and The Vaudevillains – only Enzo and Cass seem to be doing anything noteworthy and they were the only team that didn’t hold the NXT tag titles before getting promoted.

So really, it’s good for The Revival to have multiple reigns, but not great. A team should be promoted soon after its first title reign ends, not stuck in developmental longer.

Dash and Dawson could have been given a second reign in order to get Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa over as the brand’s top babyface tag-team at TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn, rather than having them split crowd support with American Alpha. This would likely mean that their call-up is coming soon, but would take place after SummerSlam.

Either way, The Revival’s multiple title reigns are the perfect example of a glass half full/empty approach at analyzing things. If you’re an optimist, you realize that Dash and Dawson’s multiple reigns are because their stock in NXT is high. But if you’re a pessimist, you believe that they will be stuck in developmental too long or misused in the future.

Both logics are credible ways of viewing this scenario. We’ll just have to see how everything plays out.

Revival’s second title reign in NXT a two-sided coin

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