NXT Spotlight: A closer look at Liv Morgan

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The current NXT women’s division is full of unfamiliar faces now that Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Becky Lynch are all part of the main roster. In NXT you have Asuka, but there’s not much behind her.

Now that SmackDown will soon be crowning its own Women’s Champion, the recent call-ups now make sense. Still, NXT has been left in a position to quickly build challengers for Asuka (who has yet to lose a single match, by the way).

A new pool of talent is being developed, and one of the girls that is starting to stand out is Liv Morgan. She earned her first career singles victory when she defeated fellow newcomer Aliyah. Liv spent most of the match on the defensive, but she fought her way back into it and was able to overcome Aliyah with a unique roundhouse kick.

This was a big stepping stone for the young wrestler, who turned just 22 years old in June. In fact, had Aliyah won that match, this particular edition of NXT Spotlight might be dedicated to her. Instead, it’s Morgan who climbed the next rung on the proverbial ladder to the top.

Morgan took part in competitive cheerleading prior to her wrestling days, though she was always a big WWE fan, crediting Lita as her inspiration. She signed a contract with WWE about two years ago and it’s taken this long to push her into a position to succeed.

How much further does she have to go? Quite a long way.

As mentioned, this was Morgan’s first singles victory. In the past, she’s been in the ring with the likes of Eva Marie, Emma and Nia Jax and in each case, she was little more than a footnote in the results of a quick squash. On the Aug. 17 edition of NXT, she finally found herself in the win column when she teamed with Carmella and Nikki Glencross to defeat the team of Bliss, Daria Berenato and Mandy Rose in a six-woman tag team match.

With all of that said, Morgan is a project. She’s a raw talent. Those closer to the business would describe her as extremely “green.” Yet, that’s what NXT is for. It shouldn’t be hard to think back to when Bliss debuted and the strides she’s made from then to now. Morgan can do the very same due to her athletic background, so long as she wants it.

During her match with Aliyah, she displayed some nice new moves and appears to be learning how to work the crowd. She’s definitely the kind of competitor that the crowd will get behind once they respect her in-ring ability.

Following her recent victory, Liv was interviewed backstage, giving fans the first chance they’ve heard to hear her speak and learn anything they could about her personality.

It will take some time, but WWE is starting to give this young lady an avenue to find success. It’s appropriate that she mentions her family here as she is one of six siblings. Her father passed away at a young age so to say she “owes it to her family” creates that angle, one WWE can and likely will use for her in the future.

That, combined with her likeable personality, gives you a future female competitor that you can easily become a fan of. Keep an eye on this young Superstar.

NXT Spotlight: A closer look at Liv Morgan

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