Lucha Dragons split, to enter draft as singles wrestlers

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The Lucha Dragons are no more.

The WWE’s masked luchadores have announced that they will be entering the WWE Draft as singles competitors Tuesday, no longer tied to one another as the company splits the roster in half.

“As everybody knows the news, the draft is coming up on SmackDown Live tomorrow, but we have news for you: The Lucha Dragons have decided to go into the draft as singles competitors,” Sin Cara announced in a WWE video posted on Facebook.

“But you know what? The important thing, no matter what, we’re always going to be brothers, hermanos,” Kalisto added. “We’re going to remain lucha, we’re going to display our art either on Raw or SmackDown. That’s what we do.”

The Lucha Dragons have been a staple of the WWE’s tag team division since they were first introduced in the Raw after WrestleMania 31 last March. Former NXT Tag Team Champions while performing for the developmental brand, the Mexican wrestlers never captured tag team gold while on the main roster.

Though they’ve yet to win it all as a tag team, Kalisto went on to become U.S. Champion after defeating Alberto Del Rio in January. Kalisto’s title run started after Sin Cara was shelved after suffering a shoulder injury in late December.

WWE announced the rules of its brand extension draft late Sunday, declaring that all tag teams would be considered as a single pick when drafted, unless a general manager specifically requested that they only wanted a single Superstar from the team.

Lucha Dragons split, to enter draft as singles wrestlers

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