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Kevin Owens: Not sure if NXT reaches level of today without Balor

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Finn Balor recently made his long-awaited WWE main roster debut, and while most would say he could have debuted much sooner, fellow WWE wrestler Kevin Owens can also see why Balor was kept in NXT so long and how pivotal his role was during that entire stretch.

“Yeah, of course it was long overdue. I think everyone knows that it was long overdue,” Owens told ESPN about Balor’s Raw debut. “But I also think in a way it was necessary for Finn to stay in NXT for as long as he did.”

Owens and Balor joined the NXT crew about the exact same time, along with Hideo Itami, to join a handful of major NXT mainstays at that point, but started changing pretty quickly after that.

“NXT really built some momentum and became something pretty special. Then Hideo got hurt and I got called to the main roster. Neville got called up as well and he was a big part of NXT, and Sami Zayn got hurt. That could’ve taken the wind out of NXT’s sails a little, because at that point we were the focal point. Then within a month four of us were gone and Finn was the only one still there. Without Finn, I don’t know if NXT would’ve reached the level it has today.”

“Everybody there works so hard to make it into something, but you always kind of need one person to hitch your wagon to. Finn was the guy for it. It was pretty obvious he was — look at how big NXT has become, and now look at how Finn did on his first night on Raw.

“He’s gonna be in the main event of SummerSlam. That’s pretty incredible. So it makes sense they kept him as long as they could — who wouldn’t want to have Finn Balor on their roster for as long as possible?”

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