Kenny Omega’s quietly becoming world’s best wrestler

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Last month, Seth Rollins tweeted, “If you don’t love pro wrestling across the board right now and you’re not telling all your friends about it then you’re just missing out…” It was a tweet to say that the business of professional wrestling is alive and well.

Of course, Rollins’ message was focused on professional wrestling beyond the WWE. Ring of Honor, Evolve, Lucha Underground, PWG and New Japan Pro Wrestling are just a handful of the more popular companies currently putting on high-quality products.

In all of these promotions, you have guys like AJ Styles, Kazuchika Okada, Ricochet and Will Ospreay. All of these men are great in their own right, but right now no one is above Kenny Omega on the pro wrestling food chain.

Kenny Omega has everything you need to become a superstar in pro wrestling. He has been working on every continent for years building his name and honing his craft. The culmination of that hard work came in the form of winning New Japan’s 26th G1 Climax tournament. He was only the third North American participant ever to reach the finals of the tournament, and the very first to win the whole thing.

For those unfamiliar with New Japan Pro Wrestling, this is a very big deal. The fact that Omega is a foreign wrestler, who now has the chance to headline the company’s biggest show in January, Wrestle Kingdom, is a huge vote of confidence. For perspective, AJ Styles – one of the more over wrestlers in the WWE and on the planet – did not have the main event match at a Wrestle Kingdom show while in New Japan.

In his post-match promo after winning the G1, Omega took some shots at WWE, saying he gave the Superstars in Orlando a tournament full of studying material. If he were to leave Japan and go to the WWE, he would have to be treated like the star that he is. He should at least be given the amount of respect Shinsuke Nakamura has received, still having not been pinned or submitted.

Omega was the MVP of what may be the best collection of wrestling shows this year, and looking at his competition, it may very well stay that way.

Just looking at SummerSlam’s two championship matches, Omega is still better than all four of those participants.

Seth Rollins is a great worker, a super athlete, and has great match after great match. Finn Balor can excite fans, perform cool moves, sell merchandise and lead a dominant heel faction. Dolph Ziggler is consistent, also can have great matches, and can sell the opponent’s offense tremendously. Dean Ambrose, when given free chance, can cut a promo as best as anyone in the business.

This is by no means a knock on any of those men. This just goes to show how good Omega really is.

His resume in 2016 alone speaks for itself, with seven of his singles matches rated 4 stars or higher. Against Kushida in January, Tanahashi in February, Michael Elgin in April and June and three G1 matches in August, Omega is consistent. If he is booked on a big show, the fans will get their money’s worth.

On top of the singles matches, Omega is proven to be a fantastic tag team wrestler as well. He wrestled with current CWC standout Kota Ibushi, and currently wrestles with arguably the best tag team in the world, The Young Bucks. This just adds another dimension on what Omega brings to the table.

The most impressive attribute Kenny Omega has is the ability to get himself over in front of any audience, under any circumstance. The object is to entertain the fans, and Omega does that every time he steps in front of the curtain. In PWG, Omega has used his arm in a chainsaw-like motion to attack his opponents in a fun, comedy fashion and got the crowd to love it. In Japan, he used this same exact move in a serious fashion across the face of an opponent and it is just as effective. He evolves to fit the audience he is front of.

Omega also uses everything at his disposal to create hype for himself, for The Young Bucks, for future matches, and matches we may never even see. Between post-match promos, NJPW press conference promos, Twitter, Periscope, and YouTube, hype has been built for future matches in promotions in different countries. Omega and The Young Bucks have created hype for The Elite vs. The New Day, Omega vs. Kota Ibushi and Omega vs. Okada. If he decides to go to WWE, the seeds are already planted for Omega vs. AJ Styles, or Shinsuke Nakamura. Styles was kicked out of the Bullet Club by Omega and Nakamura was pinned and challenged by Omega, both on the same night.

Wherever Kenny Omega decides to call home, he will be the top dog, whether he is intended to be or not. His talent is undeniable, and the world is beginning to take notice.

Kenny Omega’s quietly becoming world’s best wrestler

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