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Goldberg announces he is appearing on Raw next week

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Bill Goldberg has not stepped foot inside a WWE ring since March 14, 2004, but late Monday night he tweeted that he would make a live appearance on next weeks’ Monday Night Raw.

The ongoing storyline of Goldberg’s return to WWE continued on Raw as Paul Heyman had a promo in-ring as a response to Goldberg’s interview with ESPN last week regarding his special guest appearance in WWE’s latest video game, WWE 2K17.

While his interview was vague in terms of his plans and/or intentions to wrestle in WWE again, WWE chose to show only the brief statements which made it seem like Goldberg was much more direct in his sentiments.

Goldberg’s tweet was sent out directly after Heyman’s promo calling him out for a rematch with Brock Lesnar.

WrestleMania XX was the last time Goldberg was inside a WWE ring.

Interestingly enough, it was the first Lesnar match which took place that evening where he defeated Lesnar.

It also happened to be Lesnar’s last time in a WWE ring until he made his return in 2012.

WWE is using the angle of Lesnar being 0-1 against Goldberg and needing to right that wrong due to it being the “only” blemish on his pro wrestling career.

According to many pro wrestling insiders including Dave Meltzer and Jim Ross, the Lesnar-Goldberg rematch has already been agreed to, signed, and scheduled to take place at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV.

The news began surfacing the day before Goldberg’s ESPN SportsCenter interview, prompting many to assume he would make the announcement through that medium.

With the news that Goldberg will be making a live appearance on Raw next week, directly insisting it is to address the challenge, the announcement will most likely be made then.

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