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Gable was nervous American Alpha would debut on WWE to crickets

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

From about the time the tag team of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, together known as American Alpha, debuted on WWE’s developmental brand NXT, it was widely seen as a matter of when, not if, the pair would be moved up to the main roster.

WWE’s brand split called for a draft, and Jordan and Gable were two of the select talents which were brought up from NXT, and ended up being drafted to the SmackDown roster.

With a new environment comes a new audience though, and Gable was not entirely confident the transition would treat them nicely.

“It’s kind of funny, we were really nervous about that, being exposed to this new audience,” Gable told Men’s Journal. “You hope you don’t come out through the curtain and hope you don’t hear crickets. We were standing back there and we heard the response and we were just so happy.

“The other thing is, when we got drafted, Daniel Bryan built us up and kind of made us sound like a big deal, which was really helpful. The response that night was so positive — it made us feel comfortable as opposed to the nervousness that was there before. I would like to think that more and more people are watching NXT and people have the WWE Network, so there’s more exposure there. ”

In an era of WWE that many are low on with regard to its tag team roster, American Alpha have stood out since they debuted as one of the best tag teams in the entirety of WWE’s talent pool.

The two have been a part of a handful of the most highly regarded NXT tag team matches, and the move to the main roster looks poised to continue that trend on SmackDown as well.

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