Finn Bálor: ‘Really ridiculous’ to call Seth Rollins ‘unsafe’

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Many were quick to lay blame on Seth Rollins and his seemingly unsafe wrestling tactics for Finn Bálor’s injury at SummerSlam.

After all, Rollins had been involved in matches that resulted in a broken nose for John Cena, a career-ending neck injury for Sting and a knee injury for Rollins himself. Despite the apparent track record, Bálor isn’t buying into the hype that Rollins is a dangerous person to step into the ring with.

“Well, people are entitled to their opinions, but as far as my opinion goes, I have been hurt a lot of time working, and it’s never been with Seth Rollins,” he told Jim Ross recently (h/t WrestleZone). “Obviously, if you work a lot, you are going to get hurt. Occasionally, this just happened coincidently, and I just so happened to be working with Seth, so as far as I’m concerned Seth is one of, if not the best performer we have in this business. I feel that all the flack he gets is totally unwarranted. Any kind of slack he gets for being unsafe is really ridiculous.”

Bálor wound up winning the match to be crowned the company’s first Universal Champion at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, only to be forced to vacate the crown less than 24 hours later on Monday Night Raw as it was determined he’d suffered a torn labrum.

The Irish Superstar underwent successful surgery last week, and is set to miss at least six months of action while he recovers from the injury.

Finn Bálor: ‘Really ridiculous’ to call Seth Rollins ‘unsafe’

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