Is Ember Moon the most credible challenger to Asuka’s reign?

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NXT Women’s Champion Asuka claimed “No one is ready for Asuka,” during her interview on a recent episode of NXT. And so far, there’s little argument against her claim.

Asuka has dominated her competition since arriving in NXT last fall. She has yet to lose a singles match and has only looked stronger as Women’s Champion.

The Japanese import defeated Bayley by submission at TakeOver: Dallas to win the title, although it was more accurately by knockout. She held the former face of NXT’s women’s division in the Asuka Lock until she passed out.

After beating Nia Jax at TakeOver: The End, Asuka once again defeated Bayley at TakeOver: Brooklyn II to retain her title. At this point, many of the women who have or would have challenged for the NXT Women’s Championship are now on the main roster.

In fact, the women’s division is the most depleted its been in years. It’s not to discredit Asuka as a weak champion, however. But recently, it has felt like “Asuka and everyone else.”

That is, until Ember Moon made her long-awaited debut at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. Moon, who formerly wrestled under her real name Adrienne Reese, has looked dominant in her first two televised NXT matches.

She defeated Billie Kay at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and dominated Leah Von shortly thereafter. While a handful of wins doesn’t necessarily earn a title shot, Moon is putting together a nice streak early in her NXT run.

Beyond her small sample size, there are other factors as to why she’d be the perfect challenger to Asuka’s title. Basically, the two women are cut from the same cloth.

Like Asuka, Moon was a world-renowned female wrestler before signing with WWE. Her debut was long-awaited and when it happened it met expectations.

Both women are small, but ferocious. They both have brutal offensive attacks which look believable despite their stature.

Asuka and Moon both use plenty of kicks and striking attacks to wear down opponents. That itself would provide for a stiff, entertaining match.

Plus, both women are experienced enough to put on an excellent championship match. What’s made Asuka great is her ability to work with everyone. She was capable of putting on a good match with Dana Brooke and developmental talent, so facing Moon would be a guaranteed must see.

As a character, Moon also provides a perfect compliment to Asuka. To this point, no opponent has been able to win a psychological battle with the former Joshi star.

But Moon’s mysterious character is something of a similar realm. It’s hard to explain just what that gimmick is right now, but there’s something very Asuka-like to it.

Moon’s entrance includes a hard rock theme blended with pageantry and borderline psychotic facial expressions. Her character was made to face someone like Asuka.

Perhaps Asuka’s promo was foreshadowing a potential feud with Moon. As of now, there is no legitimate threat to Asuka’s reign as champion.

However, with Moon on the rise, there will soon be a credible contender with similar attributes. An Asuka-Moon feud would be the best thing for NXT’s women’s division.

While the brand attempts to make the rest of its division into weekly competitors, it has a potential angle involving two women who have both experience and credibility. Asuka and Moon would put on an outstanding match that would live up to the prestige of the NXT Women’s Championship.

Is Ember Moon the most credible challenger to Asuka’s reign?

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