Edge names pinnacle and most painful spot of his wrestling career

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Adam Copeland, better known as retired WWE wrestler Edge, had among the most prominent and successful WWE careers of the first decade of the new millennium.

Starting off as a tag team wrestler with Christian for many years, he eventually became a star as a singles wrestler and made it all the way to becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

For those who know Edge’s career, it is not too much of a surprise what he considers to be the highest moment.

“It’s interesting, I never got stressed before wrestling matches. I always felt completely confident that I had done everything I could do, all my mental preparations when I sat down and envisioned the match, so I never felt stressed,” Edge said, via Sports Illustrated. “But that is the one that if someone said, ‘What is the pinnacle of your career?’, then it would be main-eventing WrestleMania [24] against The Undertaker. That has to be the top, but thankfully there were a lot of moments that were just as rewarding. Teaming with Christian and winning the tag team titles—and doing it at WrestleMania; helping with the introduction of an entire match that is now a themed [TLC] pay per view; getting to wrestle guys like Ric Flair and Terry Funk, and teaming with Hulk Hogan and all of these legendary names in wrestling that I never thought I’d get to rub shoulders with, let alone defend the world title with Flair in Raleigh, North Carolina in a TLC match with his daughter—who is now women’s champion—at ringside. There were a lot of surreal, amazing moments during my career that I’m very lucky to have had.”

A serious neck injury ended up being the end of his career and he retired in 2011.

His career had been stocked with wild, crazy matches from beginning to end that he is sure attributed to his early retirement, but he still remembers the most painful moment of all.

“I’m sure those matches sped up the process, and I’m sure that’s where my neck issues probably stem from. But there is no way to wrestle for twenty years and not have something give out on you. For me, it was the neck. For others, it was the shoulder or the knee, and for me, it was the neck. When you fall off enough ladders, it’s going to happen. The one moment—and thankfully it was the end of the match, otherwise it would have been difficult to continue—was WrestleMania 23 in Detroit when Jeff Hardy put me through a ladder. To this day—whether it’s tearing my Achilles, tearing my pecs, or fracturing my jaw—it’s that spot where he put me through the ladder at WrestleMania 23 that is the most painful thing I’ve ever encountered in the ring. It hurt so bad, but I had to wrestle the next night.”

Edge names pinnacle and most painful spot of his wrestling career

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