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Dusty Classic is perfect opportunity to continue DIY push

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa were one foot away from becoming NXT Tag Team Champions at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. Literally, one foot.

The team who announced their new name as “DIY” in honor of their self-made pre-WWE legacies earlier in the night hit seemed to have captured a pinfall in their match with The Revival. But the referee called off the victory because Scott Dawson’s foot was on the bottom rope, causing a rope break and allowing the champions the opportunity to retain their titles.

Since then, the focus of the tag team division has been on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. So far, DIY has advanced past the first round with a victory over Tian Bing and Ho Ho Lun. On Wednesday’s episode, Gargano and Ciampa picked up a forfeit win over the Revival when Dawson revealed he was unable to compete due to a knee injury.

DIY remains in the Dusty Classic, as should be the case. The former indie stars are one of the favorites to win the tournament after enjoying a successful debut year in NXT.

Winning the tournament would be a successful way to continue DIY’s momentum as NXT’s top babyface team. Eventually, Gargano and Ciampa are going to get their rematch for the tag titles anyway, so why not give them some momentum?

At this point, The Revival has nothing left to prove. They are the only team to hold the titles multiple times and are ready for the main roster. Either they’re going to be American Alpha and promoted soon after they drop the titles, or Blake and Murphy and forgotten in developmental after a lengthy title run.

Either way, Gargano and Ciampa remain next in line to win the titles after putting on a stellar match at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. Why spoil that momentum by having someone else win the Dusty Classic? DIY is arguably the most popular tag team in NXT since American Alpha’s departure and are now under exclusive WWE contracts.

Granted, there are several new teams that would also be enticing to give the Dusty Classic rub to. TM-61 is on pace to be the next rising team. SAnitY looks to be a dominant faction after making an impressive debut several weeks ago. The Authors of Pain have been booked as unstoppable monsters. And the reunited team of Austin Aries and the recently debuted Roderick Strong pose a huge threat in the tournament.

But DIY is still the team most ready to be given a major push in the NXT tag team division. Gargano and Ciampa are capable of putting on excellent matches and have displayed likable charisma inside and out of the ring with entertaining segments and the viral “Glorious Bomb” videos.

Why not strike while the iron is hot? You have a team that picked up a near-finish pinfall on the reigning tag champs and is still tremendously popular. The Dusty Classic will only further legitimize the two internet darlings and create more reason to have a rematch of what was arguably the best match at TakeOver: Dallas.

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