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Charlotte constantly focusing on question: ‘How can I get better?’

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Women wrestlers in WWE have been elevated more so in the last two years than they had in decades before that, and Charlotte is among the women at the helm of the movement.

The daughter of pro wrestling legend, Ric Flair, Charlotte got her major start in NXT and then was brought to the main roster along with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch in 2015.

Since then, the role of the women on the main roster has only grown and grown, and Charlotte says she is almost obsessed with getting better all the time.

“I think about this constantly, and sometimes I need to turn it off, but I just want to be the best,” Charlotte said, via Sports Illustrated. “I haven’t been wrestling that long, and I always take advice, where some people don’t. I’m always asking, ‘How can I get better?’ I listen. That’s from playing sports.

“I work on understanding what makes people fall in love with a character, whether they love you or hate you, and adding those nuances. It’s those in-between moments, not even the moves or who wins, and I’m still working on that, and controlling being nervous every week. I always want to fix one thing each week.”

Charlotte is just coming off her match against Banks which headlined Monday Night Raw — the first time a women’s match had headlined Raw since Trish Stratus and Lita did it in late 2004.

Charlotte’s next major goal is to headline a PPV card, but she wants to do it with the four main women leading the way of this movement.

“I want to headline a pay per view, and I want it to be the fatal four-way with the Four Horsewomen,” Charlotte said, referring to Banks, Lynch, Bayley, and herself. “The last time I cried was watching the Women’s Revolution on WWE Network a couple of weeks ago when they asked Bayley if she felt left out of WrestleMania [32], and she said, ‘No, I felt a part of it, because even though it was the three of them [Banks, Lynch, and Charlotte] there, it took the four of us to get to where we are.”

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