Big Show snaps ring rope at WWE Live event attempting splash

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
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Paul Randall Wight Jr. goes by the name “Big Show” in WWE, and with good reason.

Standing at seven-feet tall and weighing well over 400 pounds, Big Show was performing at a WWE Live event in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila.

Competing in a match against John Cena, Big Show destroyed the middle ring rope mid-match.

With Cena on the floor, Big Show climbed the ropes to deliver some sort of splash to Cena — what looked to be something reminiscent of a “Vader Bomb” made famous by the pro wrestler Vader.

While standing on the middle rope, Big Show began bouncing up and down on the rope in order to create some momentum before he went for the splash, but on the fourth bounce the rope suddenly snapped right at the turnbuckle, exploding in a small mist of rope debris as Big Show fell backwards into the ring canvas.

The incident was captured by a fan in attendance and posted on Twitter.

According to TMZ, the incident was merely “a fluke” and the company attributed the accident to the rope being defective more so than the large size of Big Show.

As a result, Big Show will continue to be able to climb the ropes and perform moves from them in future matches.

Big Show has often in the past been involved in segments which featured the ring being destroyed in some fashion, but such occasions were always scripted.

One explanation for the incident is the fact that WWE decides to use hemp ropes wrapped in tape for their wrestling rings, whereas many wrestling promotions use much stronger steel-cable ropes that are wrapped in rubber hose.

Big Show snaps ring rope at WWE Live event attempting splash

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