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Benjamin announces injury, won’t be returning to WWE

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Shelton Benjamin will not be making his return to WWE as planned.

The former WWE Superstar was pegged as a late addition to the SmackDown Live roster after the WWE Draft, expected to serve as a veteran presence in a roster filled with young, promising talent.

“I am both disappointed and [saddened] to announce that due to a serious injury to my shoulder I will not be returning to [WWE] at this time,” Benjamin wrote on Twitter early Sunday morning.

Benjamin first joined the WWE roster in 2003, initially forming a team with Charlie Haas and WWE legend Kurt Angle as Team Angle. The duo won the WWE Tag Team Championship shortly after they debuted, later winning it again after becoming The World’s Greatest Tag Team once Angle, in script, fired them from their duties.

The University of Minnesota wrestler went on to enjoy a singles career shortly thereafter, winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship three times throughout his time with the company.

Benjamin was released from his contract with the company in 2010, returning to the independent circuit from that moment through present day. The former WWE Superstar took his talents to Ring of Honor, Global Force Wrestling,  New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Noah before WWE announced he would be making his return shortly after the company underwent a brand split.

Though Benjamin says he “will be back,” there is now word on whether a potential return means he would be rejoining the WWE roster in the future.


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