Alberto Del Rio is parting ways with WWE again following suspension

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Alberto Del Rio, whose real name is Jose Alberto Rodriguez, has spent the last of his time in his current WWE stint, deciding to not return once his 30-day wellness violation suspension is up later this month, according to Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online.

Del Rio has reportedly been taken off all house show bookings in the coming days when he was supposed to return.

The terms of release have already been agreed upon between himself and WWE, allowing him to start working internationally immediately, and to start taking bookings in the United States in just a few short weeks.

As noted, Del Rio is currently serving a 30-day suspension from WWE.

His real-life girlfriend, and WWE wrestler, Paige was also suspended on the very same day for a different wellness violation.

The pairing had made it publicly known they were romantically involved, and WWE was reportedly not too keen on it.

Other issues have stemmed from Del Rio’s issues with his place in WWE creatively since returning.

He is reportedly unhappy with “empty promises” he received upon his surprise WWE return which included a strong main event push; something that obviously never came to fruition given his run over the last year.

Del Rio’s initial WWE run lasted from 2010-2014 before he left to go work, most notably, in AAA and Lucha Underground where he was a top star in both.

His WWE return saw him defeat John Cena on his first night back, capturing the U.S. title, but the strong momentum he built that night began waning soon thereafter, entering a feud with Kalisto and ultimately losing the title, then becoming part of the widely criticized League of Nations faction, and ending his most recent run as essentially a mid-card wrestler with little prominence.

Alberto Del Rio is parting ways with WWE again following suspension

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