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Alberto Del Rio: ‘I just want to be happy, so I’m not staying’ in WWE

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Alberto Rodriguez, better known to WWE fans as Alberto Del Rio, has been making news headlines lately between his Wellness Policy violation, to his departure from WWE, to a recent stabbing incident he was involved in, but amid all that he is just looking out for what’s best for him.

He holds no hard feelings against WWE and understand how the company helped him become a big star in the pro wrestling, but he felt it was just the right time to go and pursue other ventures.

“At the end of the day, you have to go to that company to make a big name for yourself,” Rodriguez said, via ESPN. “I am always going to be grateful with those guys for giving me a name, for putting me out there so I can show my talent to the world. But I am also not happy with what they were doing with me and what they were not doing with me at the end of my days with that company.

“Lucky for me, I have the opportunity to change it. It was my decision. I chose to be in bed with WWE. It’s just that I decided not to stay there anymore because I was unhappy with the situation.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in that company who have no other option. They have to stay there because either they have no place to go or [WWE] doesn’t let them go. I want to be free and enjoy my life. I want to enjoy my family, my kids, my relationship with my girlfriend (Paige). I just want to be happy, so I’m not staying here.”

Rodriguez had an original plan to retire from the business when he turned 40.

With that deadline coming up in May 2017, he decided to extend it another year into 2018 as a result of the passion and care he has for pro wrestling.

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