TNA must take notes from Bray Wyatt misuse

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TNA faction Decay appears to have attended a pig roast at The Wyatt Family compound and over-dosed on the spiked punch bowl.

The comparisons between Decay and The Wyatt Family are abundantly clear. Both groups have attempted to get wrestlers and fans alike to see the salvation that only their embrace can provide. They both have a tendency to bewitch all who cast their gaze and take in their message.

The main difference between the two? One never had to feud with John Cena.

Bray Wyatt had a stranglehold on the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe in the palm of his hand in 2013 when he feuded with John Cena. The haunting segments and promos, specifically one that saw an entourage of Cena fans (children, of course) wearing sheep masks to indicate the apparent final infiltration of the Cenation, allowed Wyatt to organically become the hottest property in WWE.

That is until he lost to John Cena.

And to The Undertaker.

And to Roman Reigns.

And to Dean Ambrose.

And to Ryback.

And to his UPS driver.

For reasons devoid of rationale, WWE has turned its resident “Face of Fear” into the “Face of Failure,” allowing him to have the intimidation factor of a department store Easter Bunny. Wyatt’s talent is clear, but it has not received the necessary and deserving creative backing to have it see its full potential.

Dixie Carter (or whomever is currently running TNA) has a group in Decay that can make the impact that WWE creative did not allow Bray Wyatt to make. They carry with them the eerie bravado of The Wyatt Family, but in a way that is entirely their own. Where Bray Wyatt’s prophetic, cultish rhetoric engulfs the psyche, Decay’s (specifically Rosemary’s) lack of rhetoric and sheer use of the imagery of their appearance does the same.

Plainly, Decay is a walking car accident. You know you should not watch, but you are strangely drawn to them. Their smeared, chilling face paint reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s Joker commands the same attention. One knows their words are warped, but one will be damned if they don’t stand at attention upon their delivery.

Decay is now staring into the abyss (no pun intended) of a company that was once dominated by polarizing personalities, and now is taking creative experimental liberties to separate herself from the WWE. TNA has now become the wild west, and real estate is available in spades. This is now the perfect time for Decay to be permanently inserted into the veins of Total Nonstop Action.

TNA’s Mount Rushmore consisting of the likes of AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe and Sting have been vanquished from the company. The two biggest starts they have are Matt and Jeff Hardy, and their headlining feud is becoming an intentional joke on their former glory. Drew Galloway, Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley are all in the main event scene, but are not impactful to the point that they are not interchangeable. TNA is ripe for Decay’s picking, but this opportunity will not last forever.

If there is a lesson to be learned from Bray Wyatt’s misuse, it is that characters depicted as false prophets lose credibility when their prophecy is not worth the microphone that projects it. The members of Decay have been “decayed” by a world that has cast them aside, and offers a bosom to who feels a similar sense of abandonment. The ignorance of the outside world often breeds greatness, and Decay is portrayed as the ultimate example of that. Their current program with Bram must end with either Bram seeing their light, or with Bram being trampled under Decay’s proverbial boot. Should Bram, of all people, prove to be too strong to avoid Decay’s message, then the faction is left vulnerable to anyone doing the same, much like with what happen to Bray Wyatt.

TNA is sitting on a faction that could terrorize TNA for quite some time, only to set up the next “TNA guy” to end their reign; they are pining for a situation like this.   The main eventers in the company are still somewhat faceless, as there is not a body of work available to qualify them as elite. Elite wrestlers need elite battles to win, and this can be set up with the growth and progression of Decay. Professional wrestling does not need another prophet set up to fail. Rather, it needs a qualified prophet with the answer. And as Rosemary states from her eerily sexy mouth, the answer is Decay.

TNA must take notes from Bray Wyatt misuse

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