WWE Brand Expansion Draft recap

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The day is finally here wrestling fans. The WWE Brand Expansion Draft starts at 8 p.m. EDT on the first edition of SmackDown Live on the USA Network.

For the last month or so, wrestling fans have been performing fantasy drafts and figuring out what the two separate WWE shows would and could look like and tonight, answers to some of those questions may start to come in.

Fans will see both Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan take part in tonight’s event, as the Raw and SmackDown Live general managers, respectively. This may also be the first time we get to see what a new SmackDown Live show will look like. Also, what implications will tonight’s draft have on WWE Battleground this Sunday, if any at all? For once, the WWE has a lot of mystery around it heading into a major event.

After SmackDown Live goes off the air at 10 p.m. EDT, the draft will continue live on the WWE Network for another hour, where more picks are rumored to be made.

This could be a groundbreaking day for the WWE, as they launch themselves into the future with two separate shows and rosters, and it all gets started tonight. Raw will have the first pick and will get three picks for every two picks that SmackDown Live receives. There is also the added bonus that six picks will be made from the NXT roster, which has led to so much speculation as to who will be getting the call-up from Full Sail.

Follow all the action, and the updates as the draft picks come in here on Today’s Powerbomb.

Big Board

RAW (Round 1)

1.  Seth Rollins

2. Charlotte

3. Finn Balor

Smackdown Live (Round 1)

1. Dean Ambrose

2.  A.J. Styles

So that’s how the first section of the draft as gone down, with John Cena getting ready to take on Luke Gallows. Also, Kevin Owens tweeted this.


RAW (Round 2)

1.   Roman Reigns

2.  Brock Lesnar

3.  The New Day

Smackdown Live (Round 2)

1.  John Cena

2. Randy Orton

And now The Miz and Rusev are teaming up take on their challengers this Sunday, Zack Ryder and Darren Young.


Bray Wyatt takes on Xavier Woods, as the WWE Universe awaits for more draft picks to happen.

RAW (Round 3)

1.  Sami Zayn

2. Sasha Banks

3.  Chris Jericho

Smackdown Live (Round 3)

1.  Bray Wyatt

2.  Becky Lynch


Before round four gets underway, Sasha Banks will take on Charlotte and Dana Brooke in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

RAW (Round 4)

1.  Rusev w/ Lana

2.  Kevin Owens

3.  Enzo& Cass

Smackdown Live (Round 4)

1.   The Miz w/ Maryse

2.  Baron Corbin

And now Cesaro, who is still un-drafted, will take on Chris Jericho.

RAW (Round 5)

1.  Gallows and Anderson

2.  Big Show

3.  Nia Jax

Smackdown Live (Round 5)

1. American Alpha

2.  Dolph Ziggler


RAW (Round 6)

1.  Neville

2. Cesaro

3. Sheamus

Smackdown Live (Round 6)

1.  Natalya

2.  Alberto del Rio

That will do it for the WWE Draft on the Smackdown Live show, we will continue our coverage of the WWE Network draft right here.

Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins clean in the middle of the ring, and now it’s time for the draft to continue on the WWE Network.

RAW (Round 7)

1.  Golden Truth

2. Titus O’Neil

3. Paige

Smackdown Live (Round 7)

1. The Usos

2. Kane


RAW (Round 8)

1.  Darren Young

2. Sin Cara

3. Jack Swagger

Smackdown Live (Round 8)

1.  Kalisto

2. Naomi

3. The Ascension


RAW (Round 9)

1. Dudley Boyz

2.  Summer Rae

3. Mark Henry

Smackdown Live (Round 9)

1. Zack Ryder

2. Apollo Crews

3. Alexa Bliss


RAW (Round 10)

1. Braun Strowman

2. Bo Dallas

3. Shinning Stars

Smackdown Live (Round 10)

1.  Breezeango

2. Eva Marie

3. The Vaudevillians


RAW (Round 11)

1. Alicia Fox

2. Dana Brooke

3. Curtis Axel

Smackdown Live (Round 11)

1. Eric Rowan

2. Mojo Rawley

3. Carmella

WWE Brand Expansion Draft recap

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