Reverse-Rebooking Raw: The new, new era

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We’re doing something new this week for our re-booking series here on Today’s Powerbomb. Monday’s episode of Raw was easily the best one of the year, and a really good start to the new, new era in WWE. So, for this one week, we are going to be reverse-rebooking the show and actually talk about what I liked from this week’s edition of Raw. So buckle up guys, and enjoy this positive post.

The commentary/setup of the show

One of the major questions surrounding the WWE Brand Extension Draft was whether or not both shows would get a makeover. Would both sets look different? Would there be new theme songs? Details like that.

Late last week, the general managers of Raw and SmackDown Live, Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan, respectively, revealed new logos for their shows. That was viewed as a start. Monday, fans got confirmation of the rest.

There was a new theme song and opening video, along with the commentary team being re-positioned back at the top of the ramp. The ring ropes went back to being red as well.

From the get go, Corey Graves’ addition to the commentary team was noticed. It felt more pointed, and more moves were called, and there wasn’t endless screaming like with JBL. The whole night felt like something important, from the lighting to the set to all the little stuff in between. A lot of this was a throw back to an old-school era, but it was cool and refreshing — two things that the current product sorely needed.

Squash Matches for Everyone

There were two, yes, two squash matches with local jobbers. Nia Jax and Braun Strowman both got the opportunity to show off how good they are, without having to go down the road of 50-50 booking with another superstar.

It’s also worth nothing that not everybody got on the show. This could be a sign that WWE might focus certain episodes on certain feuds, and then the next week another superstar enters the spotlight. This may keep it fresh and give feuds a bit more meaning as they build over time.

Sasha Banks wins the Women’s Championship

Wow, did the place ever come alive for this match. While we all thought they were going to save this for SummerSlam, they went ahead and had a title change on Raw, giving Sasha Banks an awesome moment. They were given the time to showcase why they were called up in the first place, and they did just that. Those two ladies tore the house down, and told a great story in the ring. And it was all topped off with Sasha making Charlotte tap out for the second straight night.

It was a title change, the women got a premier time slot (10 p.m. hour) and time to show off. It was the perfect storm.

Finn Balor did what?

On his birthday, and his Raw debut, Finn Balor won not one, but two matches. First he won a Fatal 4-Way to be in the main event of Raw, with the winner of that main event getting a match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam for the new WWE Universal Championship (yeah, that name would have made the original rebooking post, if we had one). Roman Reigns won the second of the two Fatal 4-Way matches, and we were set for a Balor-Reigns main event.

Everybody knew what was going to happen. Reigns was back, he was getting groomed to face Rollins again at SummerSlam for this new title. Then they did the unthinkable. The WWE decided to put Balor over Reigns… clean.

There were no shenanigans. No dirty finishes. Balor hit a Coup de Grace — one Coup de Grace — and pinned Roman in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3.

Also, credit where credit is due to Michael Cole for the call of Balor winning. If you don’t know it off-hand, go back and watch it, it’s really good.

For once we get to praise a very good Raw show. If this is a future indicator for the new era, I’ll be here every week to watch intently.

Reverse-Rebooking Raw: The new, new era

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