Rebooking Raw: Marquee matches being wasted

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After the shocking conclusion to Monday Night Raw last week, how did the WWE in the follow-up?

We take a look at some of the biggest moments of the night, and decide what we would have done differently.

Marquee matches

One of the biggest gripes of the previous era was the fact that WWE gave away big-time matches on Raw. It did that last night with Bayley taking on Charlotte. My thought was that this match wouldn’t end with finish. Dana Brooke would get involved, saving the champion from taking a fall and prolonging this battle further, on to WWE Clash of Champions. The WWE decided to give Bayley a pinfall victory against the  Women’s Champion in a rather clean-ish fashion.

It seems the goal of this storyline is to tease further, the tension between Charlotte and Brooke. That shouldn’t have included allowing the champion to be pinned. If you really wanted to have Charlotte and Bayley square off in the ring, Dana could have forced a DQ or something, and then Charlotte make the claim that she didn’t need Dana’s help. Having the champion be pinned doesn’t help build fantastic championship matches. A backstage segment between the two tried to save face, with Charlotte slapping Dana. It doesn’t take the sting away from the match result.

Poor Gallows and Anderson

Surely when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson decided to sign with WWE, and leave New Japan, they didn’t expect segments like this. From the dominant Bullet Club, to a group that talks about retirement homes and “ringpostitis,” there’s been a bit of a drop off for The Club. This feud has been going on for a while, and seemingly it’s carrying the Raw tag team division while the future is figured out.

While matches between these five have gotten pretty stale, it would have been much preferable to what we saw tonight. The “Old Day” appeared and this was the comedy segment of the night. Over the course of their run as tag champions, The New Day bring that comedic value to Raw. This feud could, and should have, been the exception to that. Having these guys sell that they are the two best tag teams in the world going at it for supremacy is a real, believable feud. Singles matches between these five could have sold them trying to get one up one each other.

If they didn’t want more matches, have segments between the two. They should be about their wrestling skills, and about being the top dog of the tag team division.

More marquee matches

So the WWE has completely forgotten what made them successful back in the day, I’m convinced. Instead of keeping the champion far away from his challengers, the WWE seems to like to put him or her in matches against other contenders and have them lose. They also like to give away marquee matchups, like Charlotte against Bayley and the main event of Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn.

While Zayn and Owens are good enough to put on a good match every time they are in the ring, this is not a well that the WWE can go to all the time. If you wanted to build towards the end goal, which was Roman Reigns coming out, what about Rollins teaming up with Zayn against Jericho and Owens. Have Owens and Jericho take advantage post-match on Zayn; Roman can appear, do his thing and have Foley make the match.

In this scenario, you don’t have Zayn taking a loss. The champion stays away from a singles, non-title match and all the parties involved move forward in the story. The WWE needs to stop giving away future title matches. Or else they become meaningless. Take John Cena and Randy Orton for example. Fans got tired that feud when it was done for the 5,000th time. Owens and Zayn are a little better than those guys, but still. The new “New Era” should be better than that.

Rebooking Raw: Marquee matches being wasted

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