Rebooking Raw: Building stars for the near future

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It is nights like Monday that make us all fall in love with professional wrestling again, isn’t it?

While the main event is a segment that we will look back to forever (trust me, we will), there are still some things to rebook and talk about. So let’s do that.

Jericho vs. Neville

What a genius piece of subtle storytelling this was. Neville was in a match against the guy that cost him a chance at the WWE Universal Championship. Secondly, there was the underlying piece of information that Neville got hurt during a match against Chris Jericho earlier this year. So this was a chance to get Neville back on track and towards whatever he is going to do next. And then he tapped out to Jericho.

With the crusierweight division only three weeks away, it seems likely that Neville would be one of the top dogs in that division. If that is the case, he needs to head into that role with some momentum. He needs to be feared. This doesn’t give him that, and it really did nothing for Jericho either. Jericho can afford losses at this stage in his career, and this would have been one to take. Neville gets his revenge, Jericho storms off angry.

Squash matches

So squash matches were brought back to give Superstars something to do while feuds are created and they are built up. The WWE has used these squash matches to build up Braun Strowman and Nia Jax. They’ve been using them for a while now, and they are starting to reach the point of getting stale. I get it, these two need to be built up and groomed for feuds. That being said, there are main roster level talents that could have been used.

The match would mean a little bit more. Imagine if Strowman took on Sin Cara (a former NXT Tag team Champion). That makes a victory for Strowman mean a little bit more. Nia Jax could have faced Summer Rae or Alicia Fox. Give these matches a little more meaning, while still getting the intended result out of them.

Titus vs. Darren Young

So this match basically was used to end the segment the same way last week’s segment ended. And the crowd absolutely doesn’t care about it. Darren Young is not great again, in fact he may be worse. This Titus O’Neil heel turn was way too late, and it just seems too forced.

How about using this time to showcase other women talent, like the previously mentioned Summer Rae or Alicia Fox? Building up the tag team division would be a bad idea, since it’s only The New Day and The Club right now. On a show that was paced beautifully and every segment meant something, this one fell really really flat.

The main event

Often do we question and criticize what WWE has done, rarely do we praise the genius that culminates from last-minute changes. That last segment was a great example of sports entertainment, and why we all love wrestling. It was the swerve out of left-field. WWE doesn’t do it often, but when it plays this card, it’s magic. This ending puts the WWE in a wonderful storytelling spot. There are some many avenues they could explore, and because of that, it makes it so good. For those asking so many questions, and being annoyed at not having answers. That’s the point. Just hop on board and enjoy it.

Rebooking Raw: Building stars for the near future

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