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Matt Hardy: ‘I am bringing wrestling back to a different universe’

(Courtesy of TNA.com)

Matt and Jeff Hardy have ignited a firestorm of attention over the wrestling angle they have been progressing through over the last few months which pits the bothers against each other with Matt having been “broken,” including the now infamous “Final Deletion” vignette.

“Now, I have extended professional wrestling,” Matt Hardy said on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (transcription via Wrestling Inc). “I think professional wrestling has almost been stale over the last few years because these outspoken, arrogant ants, they like to get on the Internet, they type in the keys over and over and they’re very opinionated. They have made wrestling into something where it is like ‘five stars is what the match should be’ or ‘it’s terrible’ or ‘it has to be some kind of athletic contest full of spot monkeys’. That is what these people want. I am bringing wrestling back to a different universe, where it is more entertainment. I am going to base it off entertainment and I put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctionality’.”

“The Final Deletion” which has attracted the most attention of anything the Hardy brothers have done so far, even causing a pretty significant spike in the ratings for TNA Impact on the week the segment aired, proved to be influential across the professional wrestling world.

Approximately a week after its airing, WWE aired a taped segment of its own involving the New Day and the Wyatt Family which bared striking resemblance to “The Final Deletion.”

Hardy took notice, though was not impressed like many fans who saw both.

“I saw that blasphemy, that sacrilege. Nero, Wyatts, I know what they’re doing. Oh, they are copying. They are mimicking. They saw the greatness of The Final Deletion. I went out and I deleted Brother Nero, the man who was a thorn in my side. They tried to jump on it, thinking they could use WWE and McMahon and his money to produce some masterpiece that could blow away what we put together as Final Deletion. That is not what is going to happen because ours was truly heart and soul.”

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