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Lucha Underground Season 3 premieres Sept 7

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The long wait for Lucha Underground’s third season turned out to not be much of a wait at all, as Lucha Underground announced this morning via Twitter the anticipated new season will debut on El Rey Network starting Sept. 7.

The new season is set to start airing only seven weeks after Season 2 came to its end, marking a much quicker turnaround than the one between Season 1 and 2.

Lucha Underground is a pre-taped show, and was being taped during the airing of Season 2.

The show takes a stylistic path unlike WWE where Lucha Underground features segments and vignettes that more so resemble a film or television series than the real-time candid camera segments of WWE.

Lucha Underground has utilized a hybrid professional wrestling style, mixing the commonly known American wrestling of WWE and smaller promotions like TNA and ROH with the traditional lucha libre style of Mexico.

Season 3 is set to have 40 episodes, taking a step up from last season’s 26 episode run, and just a minor increase from the inaugural season which hosted 39 episodes.

The Lucha Underground series features storylines quite unlike anything else one could find in professional wrestling today, taking the concept of suspension of disbelief and running with it in storylines that can features supernatural elements such as characters who have risen from the dead or wrestlers who are capable of traveling through intergalactic space.

Notable wrestlers who are part of the roster include Pentagon Jr., Ricochet (who goes by Prince Puma on the show), Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo (formerly WWE’s John Morrison), and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The show is aired on a once-a-week basis, with one one-hour episode every Wednesday evening.

The show airs exclusively on El Rey Network.

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