Bálor says injury worse than initially believed

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Finn Bálor is apparently getting no luck from his Irish heritage.

The former NXT Superstar-turned-WWE Universal Champion, Bálor says the shoulder injury he suffered at SummerSlam was worse than originally anticipated.

“Obviously, we get a lot of scans beforehand, which it showed a pretty good labrum tear, but I guess, when they went in with the scope, they found, I guess, a labrum tear that was, like, 180 degrees, which was, like, twice as big as they expected,” he told Jim Ross (h/t Wrestling Inc). “Plus, there were some bicep issues, some pectoral issues. There were actually some bones broken in there, so they were kind enough to give me the bones in a jar, which I have on my mantle right now. It’s a nice little decoration.”

As for his return to the ring, Bálor says he was originally hopeful to be back by early 2017, but now appears to be on the backend of a four to six month timetable.

“I guess the original diagnosis was four to six months, but, I guess, when they found out the extra problems in there, they said it’s going to be a hard six,” he said. “Now, I could try and shave some time off that, but I’m not going to. If I’m ready before six months, I’m going to make sure, when the time comes around and six months is there, I’m going to be better than ever.”

Bálor suffered his shoulder injury while working a match with Seth Rollins, forced to vacate his Universal Championship less than 24 hours after winning it.

Bálor says injury worse than initially believed

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