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Has the WWE ruined the Nia Jax momentum?


Where in the heck is Nia Jax? That’s a question being asked with my tongue firmly being implanted in my cheek, as the Internet easily allows us to know that she most recently defeated Alicia Fox in a Superstars taping held recently.

It is a bit odd, though, that Jax is already being more featured on an Internet wrestling program than having the same sort of treatment on Monday Night Raw.

Jax made her main roster debut on July 25, after being drafted to Raw the week before. Things started well for the former NXT talent, too, as she began her main roster voyage squashing jobbers, looking talented, and gaining momentum.

It even led to an actual feud! A rare thing for a new talent to the main roster.

Jax would have backstage altercations with Fox, leading to a few matches, but culminating with the younger talent going over the veteran on the Clash of Champions kickoff show on September 25.

What has happened since then? What has the WWE done to help parlay all the momentum Jax has received and gained during her initial run with the company? Well, they’ve decided to all of a sudden relegate her to non-Raw broadcasts.

This is a great way to kill a talent’s potential over-ness.

There are likely reasons for this happening. This can be explained with some rational thought.

It is likely the direct price she has to pay for being booked as an unstoppable beast. With the main event scene of the women’s division remaining truly engaging, coupled with Bayley still finding herself on the main roster, the company is in a sincerely difficult spot to find Jax time on the picture-box.

It is as much a logistics issue as it is a storytelling one. After all, if Jax is unbeatable, the company can’t continue to feature her on Raw and not have her move on to the main event scene in haste. With the Charlotte-Banks feud likely culminating at Hell in a Cell, the lack of Nia on TV could have simply been a move by the creative team to keep her in the shadows before hurling her into the Women’s Championship picture after the HIAC fallout dust settles.

The other option would be to keep putting her on TV. But what would she be doing? The women’s division is talented, but if Jax’s angle is not to lose, the company can’t trot her out there each week to topple other talents that still need time to get over.

Not to mention, thanks to Braun Strowman doing the ‘weekly beat up a jobber’ gimmick, she can’t be put on Raw to beat up local wrestlers, either.

She’s essentially in this creative purgatory pickle because of happenstance. The WWE very clearly wants to build her as some sort of monster in the division, but there’s just too many moving parts at the moment to give her the spot she needs to do it.

That’s the sane explanation. There are less ideal ones, however.

It can be far less logistically plagued than that. The WWE can just be incompetent. It wouldn’t be a shock to find out that the company booked Jax to and through the Fox angle, but then had no idea what to do with her after that. So, in typical WWE fashion, they just hurled her onto non-televised programming until the creative team can figure something out.

Under the probably misguided assumption that the WWE knows what it is doing from time to time, it is probably just the logistical issues. That happenstance is currently getting in Jax’s way of becoming one of the top female performers on Raw.

No matter the reason, though, it remains odd to the point of infuriating that a billion dollar company would call up a talent from its minor leagues, then doing mostly nothing with that person. It would be like an MLB team calling up one of its best prospects to its main team, needing help at the position he plays, then deciding to have him ride the pine for a few weeks just because, well, just because.

Hopefully, when Nia Jax returns to being more regularly featured on Monday Night Raw, all that momentum she previously gained isn’t lost, especially considering she’s one of the women most likely next in line to make a run at the championship.

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