WWE needs to give Breezango real chance

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SmackDown introduced its tag team titles on Tuesday night. After that, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan announced that a tag team tournament would tale place to determine the champions. Shortly after, Breezango were eliminated from competition. All of that, all that quickly. This is a problem.

The SmackDown tag team division is thin. The Ascension haven’t won a match since Donald Trump was just a reality star, The Hype Bros are irrelevant, and save for American Alpha and The Usos, there isn’t a paring who appears worthy of even being involved in this tournament.

Breezango, though, should be worthy. Fandango and Tyler Breeze are two performers who have been woefully misused for some time, but have made for a surprisingly nice pairing. So what has the WWE done in return after stumbling upon what can be a tremendous heel duo? The company has mostly jobbed them out to whoever it has deemed fit.

The endgame of the tag team tournament appears obvious as this point. Outside of how WWE decides to play the Rhyno-Heath Slater situation, it is mostly a foregone conclusion that American Alpha will face a then likely heel Usos – which is mostly fine.

But why the need to bury Breezango so early? It’s such a shortsighted move. After all, is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship simply going to be a game of hot potato between two teams for the rest of history?

Thing is, the WWE should be using this tag team tournament to build worth second-tier pairings. Everyone already knows that American Alpha and The Usos are at the top of the food chain. Every other tag team, however, is viewed as pairings of jobbers who will just float about the WWE Universe until their inevitable pink slips.

Unlike some of the other tag teams, a few worth saving and a few more not, Breezango has a pretty high ceiling. Comprised of two men talented enough to make an impact on the mid-card singles divisions, Fandango and Breeze can make the current two-team SmackDown into a trio.

Both of their gimmicks work perfectly in a way that it makes sense they are aligned. Both men, while limited, are more than solid workers in the ring. Couple all of that with the fact that there is a very real subsection of fans who already want the team to succeed, and there’s no reason for Breezango to be booked as poorly as some of the other makeshift tag teams before them.

That doesn’t mean the team had to advance to the finals of the tag team tournament. It is just pointing out the obvious. That in a division full of teams we already know won’t get over – Hype Bros, The Ascension (who are worth saving, mind you), The Vaudevillains (who aren’t) – Breezango need to be treated better. They should have been paired against one of those other “whatever” teams in the first round, so it could advance to the second.

While trotting about the second round of the tag team tournament, in an attempt to add sincere credibility to the pairing, Breezango should have been afforded the opportunity to put on a 15- or 20-minute match against The Usos or American Alpha. One that featured a ton of false finishes to the point that the audience would begin to believe an upset was coming.

Alas, that is all in the past now.

The WWE can still rectify this in the future. Breezango is by no means stale or buried to the point of being beyond help. Breeze and Fandango just need a more honest chance at reaching for that figurative brass ring Vince McMahon is always talking about.

To get that shiny ring, though, it will be less up to the tag team itself to reach it and more on the creative team to allow them an honest shot of obtaining it. Because if the WWE allows that to happen, we might be surprised as to how easily it all comes to fruition.

WWE needs to give Breezango real chance

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