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WWE cornered into problems with New day, rest of division

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
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The New Day happen to be a great trio. There is no debating that. For everything that was wrong with the tag team division before their arrival, New Day has done everything right since swearing their allegiances to the power of the unicorn.

That can all be true, but so too can the idea that it is probably time for them to lose the Tag Team Championship.

Four-hundred days is a long time. For the (super) uninitiated, that is over a year. In terms of how long title runs last during the modern era, New Day’s stay at the top of the division might as well be nine years. Rarely do we see any sort of champion(s) hold any of the belts for over 300 days.

The idea of New Day losing the title has nothing to do with a problem with them. In fact, it is because there are no problems with the group that should lead the WWE to the decision to have them drop the titles immediately.

Unlike many other wrestlers in the WWE Universe, New Day happen to be so over that they do not need a title to validate their worth. Instead, they can operate and function very much as is — even if a few tweaks are made — without holding any form of gold.

On the other hand, other tag teams can desperately use the rub that comes with holding the Raw Tag Team Championship.

There is a problem in that, however. Who in the heck is worthy of holding the straps?

Big Cass and Ezno have mostly operated outside of the tag team division for some time; The Shining Stars are rarely used on WWE programming; The Club have lost two consecutive matches against the defending champions; And the odd pairing of Sheamus and Cesaro should most certainly not touch the tag team gold.

Speaking on the latter first: Sheamus and Cesaro shouldn’t win the belts. It would set the division back years. For everything great New Day has accomplished this mix-matched pairing would ruin it. After all, it is these sort of forced pairings that originally ruined the division in the first place.

The Club remains the most viable option. Sure, the former NJPW champions have lost two in a row, but one of them was after New Day cheated and the other was a hardly fought contest on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. Luckily, even in the losses, The Club hasn’t looked the tiniest bit weak.

Oddly, despite their continued inability to topple the New Day, The Club’s feud with the Booty O’s trio remains with a fresh feel, excitement, and there’s little reason to actually move away from it at this point. Simply allow Cesaro and Sheamus their one shot at the titles, have them lose (oh dear, please have them lose), then reignite the feud that should inevitably have The Club walking away as the new champions.

New Day is so unique, so talented, and so versatile, this isn’t only about putting the gold on another tag team. It is about allowing them to evolve to a next-level. Whether that is — while still very much staying a faction — having Big E compete in singles matches, or a combination of them all doing that, or whatever, is anyone’s guess.

But the point remains the same: We can’t continue to let the division run through them as often as it has, while other tag teams regularly fall short against New Day, and expect the fanbase to believe anyone is credible. As of right now, there are no credible threats to the title.

There can be, however. If the WWE simply allows for it to happen. Hopefully it happens soon enough, specifically in a way in which the new champions look good, so the division doesn’t fall flat on its face after the glorious New Day move on to bigger and potentially better things.

WWE cornered into problems with New day, rest of division

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