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Wrestling fans finally getting the Reigns they’ve always wanted

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Whatever, Brooklyn. You can chant “Roman can’t wrestle” all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that he actually can.

His match against Rusev at SummerSlam never actually happened. Instead, Reigns nearly beat the life out of the “Bulgarian Brute.” So much so, the referee had to call the match before it ever began.

The result? The version of Reigns the Internet Wrestling Community has been clamoring for is here.

Is he a heel yet? The heck if any of us know (yet). Generally speaking, good guys going bonkers on heels doesn’t mean the former has also become a heel. It usually just means the good guy lost his marbles in the heat of the moment.

Thing is, there wasn’t really a heat of the moment that set off Reigns. Rather, he literally got lost in beating up Rusev, as if he is a man addicted to violence – which wouldn’t be a horrible gimmick for Reigns to trot about the WWE Universe with.

The issue with Reigns – at least as of the last six months or so – hasn’t been his ability inside the squared circle. It is with his persona, his ring gear, and the fact that the WWE was pushing him as a good guy despite fans so badly hating him.

This can be a true sign of a drastic character change. While we have no idea if that means he will drop The Shield vest, or if he’s turning heel, we now at least know that the WWE is unleashing him.

The company is now apparently allowing him to be a man of violence. One who doesn’t care what we think, or about wins or losses, or about anything else really. He simply wants to hurt other members of the human species.

To be honest about this too, we should have seen this coming. When Reigns randomly interrupted Rusev and Lana’s wedding celebration, everything he did was that of an evil-doer. Outside of the two being booked as foreigners, which is the WWE’s lazy way of using xenophobia to garner heat, there was no reason for Roman to want to be involved.

Don’t be shocked if the tables are turned moving forward. We are definitely set to see an actual match between the two in the super near future. But it might be far different this time. Rusev and Lana can play the role of sympathetic lovers, and Reigns the one of the jerk who is a jerk and decided to make all of this about him… while also being a man of violence.

Because Reigns’ newfound anger was discovered at SummerSlam, this can certainly be a one-time occurrence.  The non-match could have also simply been a result of the WWE running short on time, wanting Roman to look strong, so what was meant to be an actual match turned into that rather quick segment.

Either way, we got a glimpse of what a violent Reigns looks like. I know I liked it. According to what most of the IWC complained about Reigns in the past and how they would all fix him, this should be their cup of tea as well. Now, let’s see if we are willing to give this new aggressive version of him a chance, or if his brand is so tainted (by us) that we don’t give him a fair shake.

Personally, I say let’s be here for the violence.

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