What is going on with Emma?

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It wasn’t that long ago that Emma appeared destined for great things. During the very early portion of the women’s revolution, she was quickly becoming a top heel, was given a bodyguard in Dana Brooke, and the WWE Universe retook to her new evil-doer character.

Unfortunately for everyone, she would then get injured during the most critical point in the history of the entire division. She had to undergo surgery to repair a ruptured disc in her back. An incredibly scary procedure for any person trotting about the planet, nevertheless one who puts her body in harms way on the regular.

Mind you, this injury and subsequent surgery couldn’t have come at a worse period of time, as she appeared destined to be one of the key players of the entire thing from that point on before needing to be fixed by the wizards and magicians modern medicine people call doctors.

While gone from in-ring action, the women’s division has not only thrived, but broken off into two different brands. Thanks to the brand split, we have a robust stable of incredibly gifted women all performing extraordinarily well for our entertainment on a weekly basis.

Things haven’t hit a bump in the road during her absence. However, that does not mean there isn’t a place for her when she returns.

According to the Superstar herself, she has been cleared to return to the ring for six weeks.

That tweet appears very much in character. She is keeping in line with her heel persona, but also putting the women’s division on notice.

Since the tweet came out after the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, as she was reportedly backstage, it is going to lead to some speculation — especially since we have no idea what brand she is going to appear on when the WWE does decide to bring her back.

It is probably safe to assume the WWE remains high on her as an in-ring performer and character. Without either women’s brand struggling all that much, where she goes next probably rests more with what is best for her moving forward and not so much how she can help either SmackDown or Raw.

It is incredibly easy to envision her interrupting Becky Lynch — who will need another heel challenger when she presumably defeats the wonderful Alexa Bliss at Clash of the Champions — on the first edition of SmackDown after Becky retains the title. Becky gets her new heel feud, and Emma gets her rightful spot back to the main event scene.

At the same time, it is also as easy to see her going after Charlotte on Raw for “stealing her bodyguard.” A little heel-on-heel violence. The type that can happen with or without Charlotte holding the Women’s Championship.

Emma is so gifted, it is worth noting, that the WWE could insert her in any role at any point and she will likely make it work.

The WWE is likely waiting for the perfect time to bring Emma back. If she has been cleared for six weeks, but she has yet to be on a main roster-televised show, the company has to be waiting for something.

Unlike other times, this feels less like the creative team having an issue, and more like them remaining patient and waiting for something to finish up storyline wise before interjecting our favorite heel back into the picture.

Even though the women’s division has thrived while she has been recuperating from surgery, it is going to be so much better upon her return. Her fitting in won’t be an issue when she does come back — it will be the when and how.

What is going on with Emma?

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