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Top challengers to face Ziggler for IC title at Survivor Series

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

It appears as though the WWE is moving on from The Miz-Dolph Ziggler feud. Not only did “The Showoff” begin a random open-challenge for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown Live this Tuesday, but he’s set to face a Monday Night Raw competitor at Survivor Series.

Whether or not the WWE wants the belt to actually change hands at Survivor Series us unknown. If none of the red-brand’s titles are on the line in a cross-brand bout, it would very little sense to have Ziggler drop the gold — leaving SmackDown minus a mid-card title, and giving Raw far too many.

Regardless of the outcome at the upcoming Network Special, what is next for the bleach-blonde talent? What competitor from Monday Night Raw is not only alluring enough to be in this match, but a credible enough threat to add a sense of urgency to SmackDown’s only mid-card championship?

Here are some guys who don’t necessarily need to beat him, but can certainly use the rub of fighting for the IC strap. As importantly, people — well some of them — who can help keep the angles in and around the title interesting. With what great work The Miz did in revitalizing the title’s aura, the latter is of great importance.

Note: The guys from Raw who Ziggler can face at Survivor Series are somewhat limited. People involved in the traditional five-man team and those in the same variation of that for the traditional tag team, are all likely out of the equation.


“The Bulgarian Brute” needs something to do in a post-getting squashed by Bill Goldberg world. Plus, he and Ziggler can most certainly put on an engaging match.

That’s part of the issue with Ziggler facing a Raw guy at Survivor Series. There’s not going to be a ton of on-air build between the two guys, so we’re mostly looking for talent who can cut promos without the need for the opponent to be there, and work good matches.

Bo Dallas

Dallas is in the middle of his mini-push, but is entering a place where all momentum can be halted thanks to Survivor Series taking priority over his current being.

Anyway, Dallas can cut promos without needing to be on SmackDown or Ziggler to be on Raw to make this all work. Plus, if the belt is going to switch hands in a shock and awe style, this would be a rather solid way to do it.

Cedric Alexander

Are we already breaking the first rule of the cruiserweight division by letting one of the members of them compete outside of it? Maybe.

Thing is, Alexander had to lose a ton of weight to even qualify for the CWC, and allowing him to spread his wings outside the division would not only be good for him (to see if he’d be OK outside the weight class, allowing him to go back to his natural body size), but it can garner attention for the CW division as well.


Kid has all the tools. Yet, here we are, and he’s still not doing anything. Hell, he’s not even involved in the cruiserweight division for some reason.

If this is going to be a one-off match, at least give us someone Ziggler can work with. Also, this can present Neville with a chance to win-over some fans by putting on a four-to-five-star bout at Survivor Series. A lot of casual fans don’t realize how great he is, as most of his televised matches don’t afford him enough time to do anything other than a few quick high-spots.

Tony Nese

A similar thing that applies to Cedric Alexander is obviously also here, but it is just too hard to ignore how incredible of a talent Nese is.

A combination of everything right with Neville, with a bit more charisma, and the same sort of brute strength characteristics of Cesaro, Nese is one of the most intriguing wrestlers in all of the WWE. Honestly, if not already pegged as being a member of the cruiserweight division, he might have already been well on his way to relative importance in the mid-card scene.

If nothing else, Nese can help Ziggler steal the show at Survivor Series. Considering this is likely a match in which the champion retains (yes, assuming is dumb), the very least fans can ask for is a fun bout, which the two would put on together 99 times out of 100.

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