TNA making wise, complicated choice by moving to Thursdays

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TNA is often on the wrong end of jokes on the mean streets of Twitter. A lot of it is deserved, as it can be argued that the wrestling federation is run as well as Enron. It is because of that, almost exclusively, that the company gets zero benefit of the doubt even when making a wise business decision.

TNA recently announced what the Internet Wrestling Community already knew: The company was moving its programming from Tuesday back to Thursday.

Despite the fact Dixie Carter and company will never actually admit it, the move was likely made due in response to WWE changing SmackDown’s airing to Tuesday nights, going live on July 19.

Now, this is a bit more layered and complex than it simply being a smart business move. Yes, it is incredibly wise of TNA to no longer compete with the WWW head-to-head, but this is yet another move that highlights how unstable of a company TNA happens to be.

Let’s factor in a few things which have truly hurt not only our ability to find TNA on any given day or time, but the company’s overall credibility:

  • TNA is on its third different television network since 2015.
  • The company has changed the time slot and day airing of its programming five times since 2014.
  • After announcing its move (back) to Thursdays on last Tuesday’s show, the announcers mentioned it being an “extended show” but did not offer any more information.

That last part might feel like a bit of an overstatement, but how can a company so insanely hype its new day, while pretending it wasn’t a reactionary move, then not provide its audience with all the details needed to keep up with the program?

Extended time? How much? How little? Is it live, or still taped, or do the people at TNA not yet know if there’s actually going to be more TNA airing on Thursday nights? Or, well, is it merely this one Thursday night that the “extended time” will be a thing?

All the questions, really. All of them while TNA provides us with little to no answers.

That’s the bad.

The good is that this is the best move the company could have made. Attempting to go head-to-head with a revamped SmackDown wasn’t going to do TNA’s programming any good. Hell, it has historically struggled as is dealing with its own incompetence – no reason to complicate the company’s attempt at growth by poking a billion dollar beast.

Whether or not this move to Thursday nights will work remains to be seen. Thing is, while the move is really the only one TNA could have smartly made, the issues that plague TNA won’t change simply because the date in which its shows air are different.

Sometimes we fall for this trap; a trap placed by Carter. Over-promising and insane hyping of mostly trivial things, like the date shows are aired, is usually followed up by the same iffy programming TNA has put forth for the better part of five years now.

If TNA wants to grow and climb out of its financial despair, it will need to do more than just change the date it airs its weekly show. It will have to better its product.

Now, to be somewhat fair, TNA has been slowly – even if top-secretly – getting mildly better. And if we learned anything about Matt Hardy’s new character and the entire Final Deletion angle, the company is now willing to take more risks.

Regardless, as for the move itself, it was the best decision Carter and crew could have made, even if it was the only realistic one at their disposal.

As for the wrestling community, specifically the die-hards, this provides us with an incredible summer. Save for WWE Network Specials, we will have big time programming avaiable to us during each workday of the week. Raw on Monday, SmackDown on Tuesday, NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic on Wednesday, TNA on Thursday, and WWE Superstars on Friday.

Oddly, there appears to be a dramatic dip in programming after Wednesday is over, though.

TNA making wise, complicated choice by moving to Thursdays

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