Three guys WWE should feed to Braun Strowman

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
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It appears as though the WWE finally has a plan for former Wyatt Family member Braun Strowman. After walloping yet another jobber on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, the behemoth cut a promo in which he stated that he’s sick of his world-beating abilities being wasted on nobodies. He would then call out Mick Foley, suggesting that he gets some real competition ready for the next week.

This is relatively exciting news for multiple reasons.

  1. Braun is no longer going to beat up solely jobbers
  2. Foley might have a role in Strowman’s character growth
  3. We can conceivably witness the wrestler’s actual in-ring potential soon

A question still remains, however. Who will Foley send out on Raw to get manhandled by this giant bearded humanoid? That’s an important question to ask, especially since whoever this wrestler ends up being will probably get squashed by Strowman.

Let’s take a guess at what three types of guys the WWE should send Braun’s way.

The Big Show

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

What is the easiest way to create a new big-man monster? By having him beat an older, credible monster already on the roster, naturally.

The Big Show was drafted to Raw, but has yet to make an appearance on the program since it happened. Rumors are swirling that he is nearing retirement, too. All of which would add to the idea of using him to put over Braun in a huge way.

After all, old guys passing the torch to younger guys is not an uncommon idea in pro wrestling.

It is simple to envision. Foley comes out on Monday all pumped up because he thinks he found Strowman’s new rival, and roughly five minutes later The Big Show is left in the ring grasping for air and clinging to the back of his head, as Strowman destroyed him with ease.

That would be the plan at least. Send out one large man after another, but allowing the younger monster to absolutely destroy the elder statesman with great ease.

Mark Henry

Honestly, every single thing said in The Big Show section applies here. Henry is also rumored to be nearing retirement, brings the same giant human credibility as The Big Show, and his purpose on a WWE roster at this point should be about helping younger large people get over with the WWE Universe.

I actually imagine this “Braun challenges Foley to get him better competition” to become a weekly thing. It is likely that — assuming that is the case — Strowman will run through both of these men at one point or another.

The only concerns we should/could/would have about Strowman facing wrestlers the size of Henry and Big Show are some of the questions we don’t yet know the answers to. Mainly, is he legitimately strong enough to toss around these guys in a way that would help us think he is more of a scary threat?

If he can’t do those things, then pairing him up against other super heavyweights is probably a bad idea.

Tony Nese

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Wait… what?

Listen, Nese’s gimmick is kind of great. He is a cruiserweight wrestler who says he moves like a lightweight, but hits like a heavyweight. Plus, he has some weird heel and narcissistic tendencies, which would make him the perfect fit for the “delusional” small man who begs to to face Strowman.

It would be like a Napoleon Complex, but with a guy who can jump around like a maniac and isn’t hell-bent on literally killing other humans

In fact, this can end up being a running angle in which both men get over. Strowman gets to wrestle with a guy who can flat out perform, making him look all kinds of neat in the process. As for Nese, if the WWE were to allow it, he can not only put on great matches with the WWE’s handpicked giant of the future, but kind of become a cruiserweight crossover star.

Yes, obviously, he is a way outside the box pick. Especially when you compare him to the first two suggestions. Still, no matter which way the WWE goes this specific Monday, this is probably going to become a weekly thing for the WWE to help develop Strowman’s character.

Three guys WWE should feed to Braun Strowman

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