Shining Stars beating Enzo, Cass is best for business

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The WWE Universe lost its collective marbles on Monday night. Thanks to the company wisely booking The Shining Stars to defeat Enzo and Cass, you would swear a zombie horde was right around the corner as social media nearly burnt everything to the ground.

That’s fine to a degree. People really like Enzo and Cass, as do I, but them losing and us being mad about it is a shortsighted venture.

The long view of this is rather simple, actually. No need to panic or feel like the WWE is burying your favorite tag team.

Enzo and Cass aren’t at all hurt by the loss. Cass is fresh off being in a Fatal 4-Way for the Universal Championship, Enzo’s in-ring work matters less than taking an Advil to cure world hunger, and the two will continue to move about the WWE Universe as incredibly over characters.

Seriously. Losses didn’t hurt them in NXT. Losses won’t hurt them on the main roster, either. The duo is simply too entertaining to have their careers negatively altered due to a random loss on a random Monday Night Raw.

What this can do, however, that is if the evil Internet Wrestling Community allows it, is help The Shining Stars regain some of its, uhh, shine after their lackluster debut following months and months of video packages hyping the cousins repackaging.

There has been nothing inherently wrong with Epico or Primo. Not since their original debuts with the company, not now. The pair have just been saddled with bad gimmick after bad gimmick, as the WWE continues its desperate attempt to make us think all foreigners are evil… which, it is worth noting, they are not (even you, Canadians).

Both are solid in-ring workers who have evolved over the years. Now slightly less high-flying, and a bit more strong-style, The Shining Stars should have a place in today’s WWE tag team division. The problem up until this point is that — nearly immediately after being repackaged — they have been booked as glorified jobbers.

Hopefully the WWE allows the cousins to be slightly less “in your face foreign (as in, we are foreign so we hate the U.S.)” and a little more themselves.

Let them playoff their lineage, allow them to speak in a way that doesn’t feel more scripted than a movie scene featuring Megan Fox, and don’t waste their talents simply because the creative team is confused by the idea of two veterans still having enough juice in the tank to matter.

Moreover, because the WWE’s creative team failed the tag team numerous times in the past, don’t project more failures on them now. Let them regain momentum. Let Monday’s moment be about The Shining Stars, and not about your hurt feelings over a tag team you like losing.

That’s what the win should do. It has nothing to do with Enzo and Cass. The Shining Stars’ victory should be about them getting their groove back, reinserting themselves as a credible threat in the tag team division, and showcasing to the world that their in-ring abilities — a thing that many a IWC member swears it cares about — is as good as any other tag team.

Unfortunately, I fear it might be too late. The casual audience is unlikely to get invested in the tag team no matter what the WWE does. Repackage after repackage, jobbing duty after jobbing duty, has truly put a damper on the idea of either guy over the years.

As for the IWC fan base, they won’t stand for such a thing as two talented guys going over two talented guys because the two guys they like more lost.

However, if we are able to move forward with an open-mind — dangerous, I know — we might be surprised at the things we can find. A tag team worthy of our time, attention, and one that is far more entertaining than some of the other more popular ones in the WWE Universe today.

Shining Stars beating Enzo, Cass is best for business

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