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Seemingly fruitless Wyatts-Orton, Kane feud has silver lining

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A lot of storytelling in wrestling is subjective in how it is received. One set of fans might truly adore a certain performer. The complete opposite holds true for a talent people loathe.

This split reaction to an angle is exactly where a horde of fans are going to find themselves in the now formed Randy Orton and Kane vs. Wyatt Family feud.

The Wyatt Family whooped on Kane, who then returned to help Orton — who has been feuding with Bray for over a month now — wallop on the Wyatts.

It makes the inevitable, well, inevitable. Probably at SmackDown’s next WWE Network Special, fans are going to be treated to a tag team match that few were clamoring for, but is involving a couple of fan favorites.

Orton isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but maybe he’s yours. Kane has aged as well Bea Arthur (she dead, for context), but maybe you have a thing for decomposing corpses.

To each their own, really. Mixing the two together — at least for me, and this is why the caveat of subjectivity is important — is like mixing gasoline with milk. Not only does it make zero sense, but if people are forced to consume it, I will do so with my mind so creatively searching to create the idea that the combination of those to liquids is something else, I might actually end up believing it to be a jack-and-coke.

This Orton and Kane tag team is totally hogwash to me, but the silver lining in this otherwise gloomy cloud is allowing myself to be open enough to consume this angle that I might end up enjoying it.

Why? Because I assume this is the WWE’s way of finally putting Bray Wyatt over on a WWE Network Special.

Orton and Kane, both guys who have gone over Bray, don’t need wins anymore, and are most certainly not negatively altered by losses. The entire Wyatt Family — all two of them at this point — haven’t won a match of consequence in what feels like years. Yet, despite the difference in how the latter has been handled in comparison to the former, the two-man stable remains more over than guys who are regularly fed victories each month.

That’s why we should all — even those tired of whoever is in this angle — should enter this feud with an open heart and a clear mind. There’s no reason to believe this is anything other than the WWE’s attempt to finally get Bray Wyatt some much-needed momentum.

Not to mention the fact that the feud does more than simply put Bray “over.” With Luke Harper returning, and being one of the most underrated talents in the WWE, it is important to restore his credibility as well. Considering the company appears to want to keep The Wyatt Family a thing, in attempting to do so, its members need to be of relative consequence.

Having Luke go over with Bray does that, and all it is going to take is a singular match.

As rumors are forever flying, we will leave rumors of future Wyatt Family members joining the fold to the Internet Wrestling Community. Yes, I’d like to see Sister Abigail too. And, sure, Bo Dallas somehow ending up on SmackDown to join his brother would be neater than a freshly ironed Karate Kid t-shirt. But that’s all hearsay at the moment.

For now, though, let’s attempt to enjoy what is mostly a pointless story, with a few uninteresting characters, and hope for the outcome many of us have been whining for over the last few years.

I mean, honestly, the other option is to hate on this from the get go and be miserable over the next few weeks. Resistance to the WWE’s iffy storytelling is futile.

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