Roundtable: Cruiserweights getting more shine

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Moment of the night?

Travis Wakeman: I’ll go with the finish of the tag team title match. For one, I thought the match between New Day and The Club was much better than the match they had at Clash of Champions. It was also quite the sight to see Kofi Kingston get busted open the way he did. I was impressed to see him be able to finish the match and afterwards, he almost looked like he was laughing. Anderson and Gallows get closer and closer every time they challenge for the titles and it really looked like they’d get them for a second on Monday.

Daniel DeMarco: Not much to choose from really, but I found myself pretty well-entertained by Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel” and the tag team match that ensued. Jericho is often fantastic when a microphone is put in front of him. As is Kevin Owens. Put them together and you are almost guaranteed an amusing segment. Add in Enzo and Cass to the mix and you have yourself a party. These four men remind us promos can be even more entertaining than most WWE matches when people who know what they are doing are given the time. It was nothing dramatic and nothing pivotal, just some solid entertainment to end an underwhelming episode of Monday Night Raw.

Joseph Nardone: The Kevin Owens-Chris Jericho segment. Both men did a terrific job of playing up their characters while being as entertaining a pairing in the sport. Honestly, Owens is always great, but Y2J might be doing his best work in well over a decade at this point.

If that wasn’t good enough, the WWE sprinkled in Enzo and Big Cass for even more mic-work-fun.

All the entertainment a human can stomach.

Jason Hall:  Rollins returning to attack Owens. Regardless of the fact that he didn’t get to him it displayed badass babyface traits. WWE has handled Rollins’ face turn well. He’s not really tweaking his character much other than not getting help from the authority and whining less. Why change what actually works?

WWE’s decision to team up Sheamus and Cesaro was _______.

TW: A good one. If you recall, I actually half-jokingly predicted this in the last roundtable. Yes, it happened because Mick Foley “forced” them to be together, but it creates an interesting storyline for a couple of guys who they just don’t seem to know what to do with. If they can learn to work together, they’ll make a formidable team. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see them be the ones to finally end the run of New Day.

DD: A great idea, done with awful, dreadful delivery. Sheamus and Cesaro together sounds like a lot of fun. Two beefy bruisers to pummel on other tag teams, especially when the Raw brand is so desperate for quality teams. But if this was the original plan of Vince McMahon when Sheamus and Cesaro were pitted against each other to begin the best-of-seven series, that is flat-out ridiculous. This entire series of matches we have to go through in order to determine a winner who will then be granted a title shot, plus the matches that came before the official series. A series, mind you, specifically meant to crown solidified winners absent of any controversy. But somehow we end up with a draw in the end, and the logical conclusion WWE comes to is granting both men title shots. Not separately, but as a tag team. What a moronic road to get to this point. I love the idea and greatly look forward to these two guys getting involved in the tag team scene, but man, I’m positive there could have been a more logical way to reach this point.

JN: Disappointing.

I get the idea of them forming a mutual respect then tagging up, but this isn’t that. It is Mick Foley “forcing” them to be a tag team. It is an iffy idea at best, and the endgame is to lose to The New Day… I guess? It is that or they beat The New Day, which would set the division back years.

Seriously. Stop mix-matching random guys and putting them in Tag Team Championship situations, WWE. This is the how/why the division falters every time it does.

JH: Smart. This feud was going nowhere. Sheamus’ character was going nowhere. Odd couple tag teams have proven to work in the past. Plus, there’s really nothing else for New Day to do at this point after having laid waste to just about every tag team in the division. Maybe this can get Sheamus over with the audience and create a new credible team in the process.

Was Week 2 of the cruiserweights on Raw better than Week 1?

TW: I’d say yes because they had two matches which allowed them to showcase more of the competitors in the division. However, I was troubled by the dead crowd during the Perkins-Nese match. The “CM Punk” chants need to somehow get drowned out because it’s beyond annoying at this point. I just hope the crowds give this division a chance. I’m also not big on Brian Kendrick getting a rematch for the title. Why is the challenger who lost his title shot getting a rematch? They should have done something to create a new contender.

DD: Better? Sure. The cruiserweights got two matches on Raw, and in separate parts of the show. So that is really nice to see. The matches were fine. Nothing to be upset about, but nothing special either. More wrestlers were introduced. So that is good news. I’m still not a fan of the tailor-made environment with all the purple everywhere. I do not see why the cruiserweights cannot just be accepted as a part of the main roster like everyone else. No need to change the ring ropes every time and set every screen with a cruiserweight-specific purple background. It is a work in progress. I’m sure Vince McMahon is going to be tooling around with different ideas for at least the next month or so. The match was better in Week 1, but everything else came off better in Week 2.

JN: The WWE was able to highlight its champion, TJ Perkins, while debuting Tony Nese who looked good even in a loss. Plus, while jamming four guys into one match isn’t ideal, I think we have to come to the realization that the cruiserweight division isn’t getting four segments each week, so that made it fun.

Also, the entire Brian Kendrick-Perkins thing is beyond electric at this point. The WWE did a great job setting up next Monday’s rematch.

JH: Sure. They got two segments and more superstars were added to the roster. It was better than having five total guys in the division and hiding the champion backstage. There’s also storylines going on with TJP and Brian Kendrick beyond just giving everyone a title shot so that’s also a plus.

Roundtable: Cruiserweights getting more shine

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