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Roode’s debut pegs him as short-term future of NXT

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Bobby Roode technically debuted on NXT a little while ago, but Wednesday’s airing of the program was the first time the WWE Universe was introduced to the former TNA talent in full, in-your-face, Bobby Roode mode.

Often compared to Triple H – for all the right reasons – had Roode came to the WWE several years ago, our discussion concerning him might be more about his quest to reach the WWE Championship than one having to do with his impact on NXT.

The thing we have to understand is that Father Time is undefeated. Roode turns 40 in January, there’s already a plethora of recently called up NXT talent beginning to get their moments on the main roster, and if the WWE ever plans on calling Roode up down the road, we would be getting a slightly more broken version of the man than the one we grew accustomed to watching as one of the best non-WWE characters (domestically) of the last decade.

While some will still argue that he is bound for the main roster, the WWE would have to make that move rather quickly. After all, as already mentioned, old wrestlers don’t tend to get younger as they age.

The reality of the situation is likely this: Roode is almost 40, NXT is in a transition phase of sorts, and the developmental federation still has a handful of guys with more name recognition than Roode who need to be called up sooner rather than later.

It is as likely we are heading into the Bobby Roode is the face of NXT for as long as he has left in this business.

His debut lends credence to that.

The former TNA star cut an amazing program in which he discussed, well, being the new face of NXT. He let the non-indie wrestling fans know he was, let everyone else know he is a big deal, and for all intents and purposes – strictly speaking in terms relative to promo work – it might have been one of the best “we knew it was coming” NXT debuts in the history of the company.

Roode made a huge impression on Wednesday night. He cut the sort of splitting promo that instantly makes him a name-brand on the NXT level, and one can already envision him becoming a long-term NXT Champion.

That is the way to go with Roode. He can not only be the NXT Champion, but unlike most before him, he can talk extremely well in the mic, which can help elevate the title even more. That’s not a knock on former NXT titleholders, but not a one of them can hold a candle to Roode’s mic work.

The Internet Wrestling Community – who, funnily enough, loves all the Roode, Samoa Joe, etc. guys forever and ever, but never watched them on TNA – will talk about bringing Roode up and what he can do for the main roster. That’s shortsighted. Both main rosters are already log jammed a bit with other non-traditional WWE guys getting pushes. Also, assuming other NXT guys the IWC still loves are ahead of him in the call-up line – Itami, Joe, Nakumura – there’s simply no room for Roode at the next level.

Not every one of our IWC darlings can be pushed at the same time.

Roode’s debut was as perfect as it could have been. He instantly established himself as a major player at NXT, and potentially the face of the federation until the day he hangs up his wrestling boots. Even if that is only the case, it should be fun as all hell to watch him help NXT reach that next-level of awesomeness.

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