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The Roman Reigns return has dumpster fire written all over it

Roman Reigns (Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

There has been some good and some bad since Roman Reigns got suspended for violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy. Seth Rollins has been rather transcendent in his promos. Not only in his prepackaged, fake interview with Reigns, but with belittling his former Shield running mate in the ring by calling him a hypocrite, among other things.

That’s really the lone good, to be honest. There’s been much more bad. Mostly with Dean Ambrose, who has been tasked with – I think – trying to keep Reigns viewed as a good guy by saying how much he doesn’t care that “The Guy” attempted to cheat his way to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Those attempts by Ambrose to explain away Reigns’ mistake by acting like it is no big deal has two negative implications:

  1. Ambrose is now cool with cheating. After all, what Reigns did can be viewed (in script) as far worse than an opponent using a foreign object to win a singular match.
  2. It is viewed by the Internet Wrestling Community (not in script) as yet another attempt by the WWE to make us like Reigns in the strangest of ways.

Boo all of that. A normal, human reaction from Ambrose would to be mad. To feel betrayed by the fact that his “brother” deceived him while he had his back during The Authority storyline and others.

Moreover, his “Lunatic Fringe” character, which has given way to “The Dude” for some reason, should be infuriated that his lone friend would put himself above his friendship with Ambrose, as it is understandable to have a friend’s back during hard times, but not when what is at stake is supposedly the most important thing in the WWE Universe – the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

That’s all merely a preface to what will surely be the dumpster fire return of Reigns. Save for him turning full blown heel, which we know the WWE has its hesitations to do, Reigns coming back is going to be met with confusion, anger, and a true flip-flop of crowd reactions than the WWE is hoping for.

You see, Rollins is meant to be a heel. Yet, people like him in an organic way as it already was. Now he’s being cheered even more thanks to his semi-shoot promos on Reigns. Entering Battleground, he is likely to be the most cheered person. Yep. The only heel in the match is likely to get the loudest pop.

As for Ambrose, he is in a tricky situation. More than likely a transition champion, he is in a no-win spot. He is currently running around as the company’s main event title holder, but he spends a majority of his time backing Roman Reigns. While he will get cheered at Battleground, and even rooted for, his character has taken a turn for the worse thanks to him being forced to be a Reigns-truther of sorts.

Finally, for Reigns himself, he is going to get booed like no other good guy has in the history of the company. Really, he will make John Cena’s mixed crowd reactions seem timid in comparison. While the crowd reactions were already far more jeers and indifference than Cena’s mixed reactions ever were, there’s a more than decent chance Rollins’ promos on Reigns’ wellness violation has turned the few Roman supporters against him.

Seriously, what 10-year-old kid wants to continue to cheer on their hero after finding out he lied to them?

Yes, this is all in script. I’m of the belief that people should get second – or third, or fourth – chances. But the WWE Universe, while forgiving, isn’t as kind to those they mostly already hated. This isn’t like a super-over star coming back to the company asking forgiveness. This is more akin to a dude most people already had negative feelings for coming back.

There’s sincerely a big difference between someone like The Rock ever asking for forgiveness (that is, if he ever had to) and Bastion Booger.

At best, and this isn’t good, Reigns will be met with indifference. More than likely, though, he is going to be met with not only a lack of empathy, but disgust. While he might not deserve such a reaction to that severe of a degree is debatable, but thanks to the WWE acknowledging and allowing Rollins to run with Reigns’ suspension during programming, it has put Reigns in a position fail even harder than before.

A never-at-all over Reigns, who couldn’t get over before having his brand tarnished, will now try to get over while everyone knows he failed a drug test.

For the sake of his career and the business, he desperately needs to turn him heel. Otherwise, he’s headed toward a fate worse than Cena’s. He won’t be polarizing. Reigns will be sincerely, not at all in script, despised. X-Pac heat, really, but amplified to a billion.

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