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Reasons why Randy Orton does and doesn’t fit with The Wyatt Family

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It appears as though the WWE is going to at least test our patience with the idea of Randy Orton as a member of The Wyatt Family. One week removed from walloping Kane and saying he’s joining the cult, Orton went full-Wyatt Family member, cutting a weird promo in the back during the latest edition of SmackDown Live.

This is a mixed-bag type of move by the company.

I’m not entirely sure there’s a single person on the planet who buys Orton being a long-term member of The Wyatt Family. Not one. It just doesn’t appear to fit — at least on the surface. However, there are solid reasons to insert him in this role.

There’s also numerous reasons why this move by the creative team is an abomination to the senses.

Let’s break them down.

Reasons why Orton works in The Wyatt Family

He needs something to do

Randy Orton is still on a part-time-ish schedule. He’s also not in the main event scene, and it currently makes no sense for him to be feuding over a mid-card title.

Basically, happenstance helps to make this a reasonable decision. The Wyatt Family needed another member, Orton needed something to do, and this solves all of those issues.

Also, this can only be a short-term deal, as most people are sane enough to think Orton has something up his sleeve. By adding him now, leading into peak wrestling season (as in, cold months), it can potentially lead to some interesting angles down the line.

Orton’s character has been the same for a decade

The Viper RKO’ing folks at random and being a “snake in the grass” has been a staple of WWE programming for over a decade.

That’s not a good thing. He’s grown stale. By inserting him in the Wyatt Family, that same sort of character he plays gets to shine a little bit more, but gets freshened up by the things happening around him.

Orton also mentioned on Tuesday that he’s always had “the devil whispering in his ear.” So, at the very least, at least we now know why Legacy didn’t work out that well, as Randy was clearly struggling with issues.

I kid!

Orton is a rather emotionless soul and stinks at promos

Randy isn’t great working the microphone. He also comes off as only having one emotion — stoic, which really isn’t even an emotion.

While this is all obviously preference based, despite Orton being a really good in-ring worker, he’s hard to stomach at times because he gives us little reason to care about him through his nonchalant character work.

Inserting him in The Wyatt Family, if nothing else, gives his inability to showcase his emotions a more proper platform. After all, part of being a follower of Bray Wyatt is just staring off into space. A thing Randy Orton excels at.

Reasons why this doesn’t work

The endgame feels too obvious

As already noted several times over, Orton being a member of The Wyatt Family feels like a giant ploy to buy some time before he turns on them. That is it.

If that is the case, it means we are all just wasting our time with this angle.

When you couple in the idea that many already so firmly believe that this is the case, the above thought is embedded so strongly inside our craniums that we can’t even enjoy this ride.

Whatever shock and awe that is coming, isn’t going to be all that shocking and will more than likely fail to awe a soul.

Orton’s character doesn’t traditionally fit being a Wyatt Member

Dude doesn’t even have a beard! How in the heck are we to believe he is a member of The Wyatt Family?

Slightly more seriously, Orton isn’t of the mold of being a “monster” like other Wyatt Family members before him. He’s also a known commodity, which hurts the mysterious appeal other members initially had when they debuted with the faction.

If Orton has the ability to grow a decent sized beard, maybe it will work out a little bit better. But on the surface, he’s a really clean-cut guy joining a group of wrestlers who look like they haven’t showered since Obama took office.

Everyone Wanted A Sister Abigail As The Third Member

The WWE has teased a new Wyatt Family member for a little bit, with Bray going as far as hinting — at times — that Sister Abigail was coming.

That is something nearly everyone in the WWE Universe is interested in seeing.

Instead, the WWE gave fans something they never knew they wanted, and might not even want now, which is a randomly placed Orton in a stable he doesn’t appear to belong in.

It’s also worth noting that The Wyatt Family always felt like a great vehicle the WWE could use to debut NEW talents. Not to insert already known superstars in. This all feels rather counterproductive, if we’re being honest.


The over/under on how long Orton will be a member of the Wyatt Family is set at the Royal Rumble. We’ll get through Survivor Series with him still being a “member,” but it is hard to imagine this thing lasting well after the holidays.

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