Questions for the WWE after SummerSlam

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Between a few hours of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and SummerSlam, wrestling fans had up to 13 hours of pro wrestling to consume this weekend. Some of it was good, lots of it was just OK, and bits and pieces were abominations to the sport.

I suppose it would have been asking far too much to think the WWE would be able to book that many hours of product without there being as many issues. Then again, it was an overall good weekend for the WWE Universe.

But let’s ask the company some questions.

What’s Next For The Women’s Division?

Sasha Banks lost the title to Charlotte. She has also been pulled from a few week’s worth of shows. This has led to wild speculation that she’s either hurt or suspended. Either way, that is if either is actually true, she will join Eva Marie as vital women’s division performers who will be unable to compete.

What does that mean for the division, though? The waters were already murky. Sure, the return of Nikki Bella helps the SmackDown brand a lot, but the Tuesday night show doesn’t even have a women’s title yet.

Charlotte has become a really underrated performer over the last few months. People so badly — rightfully so — wanted to see the Legit Boss get hers, we mostly hurled Charlotte under the bus for winning too much. Now that she has gotten the belt back, it will be interesting to see what is next for her.

A lot of things need to happen, play out, and come to fruition for both show’s divisions to keep building, but the loss of Sasha (for however how long) and Eva Marie is rather substantial. Not to mention whoever else is going to go missing.

Still, this isn’t a sky is falling situation. Both brands still have enough women to hold down the fort until the return of more prominent performers. That said, SmackDown needs to be weary building all the talent recently called up from NXT, as the Brooklyn crowd seemed mostly uninterested in the female performer. Then again, the Brooklyn crowd was a rather smarky group and likely don’t reflect that of the majority of the WWE Universe.

Brock Lesnar Is Going To Get Suspended, Isn’t He?

Bork Lazer! Yes, his squash matches have most certainly grown tiresome, but Randy Orton was definitely not the “young upstart” who should have received the major rub that would have been beating the Beast Incarnate.

That said, fans were wholeheartedly disappointed in the SummerSlam main event. It makes sense too, as closing the show with Brock destroying Lesnar, then destroying Shane McMahon isn’t exactly a Network Special worthy type of deal.

Unfortunately, this all feels a bit too predictable now. Lesnar beat up Shane, who might not be his boss since he is a Raw superstar, but I imagine the WWE is going to “suspend” him for beating up someone in a management role. It will be the company’s way of taking him off TV for a little while.

Also, it might get Shane off TV a bit, as he still has a real life day job that probably needs him there far more than he’s been since  WrestleMania (this is, obviously, reckless speculation).

Are The Usos Turning Heel?

During the SummerSlam pre-show there was a 12-man tag team match. Long story very short, the faces won after the Usos interrupted American Alpha’s finisher to get the pin. After that, the Usos salivated at the mouth in celebration as if they were wild dogs. American Alpha appeared to be stunned during this entire ordeal.

Here is the deal: While many a member of the lauded, yet so snarky and sometimes annoying, Internet Wrestling Community gave up on the Usos, the face painted brothers are still wildly talented. We have mostly just gotten tired of them being the John Cena of the tag team division. Plus, you know, when a tag team’s gimmick is smiling, it won’t sit well for that long.

It will be interesting to see how the WWE plays this one out. SmackDown is still without tag team titles, American Alpha is clearly the future, but there are no other strong tag teams outside the Usos worthy of competing with the former NXT Tag Team Champions.

This can be a week in which we see Usos become bad guys.

What Happens To Samoa Joe In NXT?

The IWC’s favorite washed up wrestler lost the NXT Title on Saturday night. He was the heavy favorite heading into the match, as most presumed a brighter future on the main roster awaited his opponent in the relative near future.

Now that Joe has lost the title, what happens next for him?

Historically speaking, no other former NXT Champion has won it again. Talent tends to lose a rematch, then gets called up to the main roster. This is something, however, I don’t see happening for Samoa Joe. Not because he isn’t my cup of tea, but because NXT desperately needs guys who can be considered main stays.

With Shinsuke Nakamura being paid far too much to still be trotting about NXT, don’t be shocked if Samoa Joe takes the title back off him, making him the first ever two-time NXT Champion, in the really near future — and definitely well before the next TakeOver.

Who Is Next For Dean Ambrose?

The Brooklyn SummerSlam crowd was mostly horrible. It turned a good Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor match — that had historical ramifications on the line, mind you — and made it about themselves. Still, one couldn’t blame the crowd for not being into Ambrose’s defense of the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler. After all, watching the former wrestle is like a form of punishment these days, as he trots about the ring with the grace of a broken mop.

Anyway, while I long ago grew tired of Ambrose’s lack of in-ring ability and character, many in the WWE Universe still adore the man with four moves (lariat, jumping elbow, suicide dive, dirty deeds… all performed poorly). Regardless, it leaves a question that needs some answering: What is next for the Lunatic Fringe?

Bray Wyatt seems like a safe bet. It is also a pretty safe bet to assume Ambrose’s title run isn’t going to last that much longer. He hasn’t put on a good match in a VERY long time, tried hurling Brock Lesnar under the bus for one of those bad matches during a Stone Cold Podcast, and his supporters are even growing weary of him.

Tuesday will be an important episode. With SmackDown’s first Network Special quickly approaching, no one should be shocked if the WWE wants to make it into a big deal. Few other ways would be as big as having Dean drop the title to another talent.

The question remains: Who will that wrestler be?

Questions for the WWE after SummerSlam

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