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The pros and cons of Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

It is going to happen. The long-awaited return of WCW’s famed Goldberg to the wrestling ring will soon take place.

The WCW standout is expected to face Brock Lesnar in a future match, presumably at Survivor Series, in what will be a sequel to the polarizing match that took place more than a decade ago.

While there are going to be some who love this, there are going to be others who hate it. We bring you the pros and cons to a Lesnar vs. Goldberg match in 2016.


1. This keeps Lesnar outside the actual WWE Universe

This one is rather simple. Lesnar has been running roughshod throughout the WWE Universe since his return. While the WWE has tried like all hell to create viable threats for the “Beast Incarnate,” no one has given him a fight.

Even though Goldberg is likely being brought in to job, as having him go over Lesnar in a one-off match seems unwise, at least the company isn’t feeding yet another active member of its roster to the former UFC heavyweight champion.

2. Nostalgia is still cool

People old enough like seeing wrestlers from their youth come back. Now, this is a bit more tricky with Goldberg (will touch on that in the cons area), but absence often makes the heart grow fonder.

Hell, we have very recent proof that only guys like Rhyno, who is only slightly past his prime, can get wild crowd reactions when coming back after some time away.

3. Paul Heyman Promos

Heyman might actually get to cut a different kind of promo than the same one he has been cutting for two years. This was hinted at during his Monday Night Raw moment, as he mentioned Goldberg’s winning record against his client.

In turn, this can’t simply be Heyman discussing how Lesnar is going to destroy a guy. He might be forced to be a bit more nuanced than that. And, honestly, Heyman is such a wonderful talent on the microphone that the fact he’s been cutting the same sort of promo for two years is not only a disservice to his talents, but it prevents the WWE Universe from consuming him in all his excellence as an orator.


1. Goldberg has never been over in WWE

Let’s not use revisionist history here. When Goldberg first came to WWE programming back in the day, the WWE Universe cared about it as much as they did for the debut of The Shining Stars.

He’s just not “their” guy. He’s not a WWE guy. He wasn’t a long-term enduring WCW figure like a Sting or a Booker T. He was more or less a blatant combo-rip off of Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. A bald guy in black trunks who never lost and could Hulk-up to defeat his opponents.

If the WWE Universe didn’t care when he was still relatively “hot” as a performer, why would they care now?

2. The actual match that will take place

Even when these two faced off at WrestleMania XX it wasn’t a good match. While Lesnar still has some good work left in him, though he is essentially down to three moves at this point, who knows what Goldberg will be like in the ring?

Can Goldberg even lift a man Lesnar’s size at this point? Is he even skinnier than he was before, too? I ask that last part because how he looks will determine how credible we think he is during the match. If he looks washed, even if doing well in the ring, we will think only negative thoughts.

No one is here for 15 minutes of Lesnar-Goldberg in the ring. Probably not even them.

3. Goldberg himself

When I think Bill Goldberg I don’t think pro wrestling or legend or anything. Instead, I remember a few solid fun months early in his WCW run of dominanc. Everything else is about his reported ego, his lack of evolution in the ring and his character being nothing more than a dude who snarls.

While this is obviously preference-based, in my less than humble opinion, Goldberg was Roman Reigns well before “The Guy” hit our TV screens.

Unless he comes in as the heel, which would be odd because nostalgia moments shouldn’t be about the returning star being a bad guy, he’s not going to stick with the WWE faithful. He’s just not.

Young people have no idea who he is and I envy them.

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