Patience is needed for NXT’s women’s division

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NXT is awesome. Most people agree on that. It is a mixture of stars who have been crafting their trade for years and other more green talent who basically just showed up one day at the WWE’s Performance Center. It has its good and bad, but the developmental federation that turned into a very consumable product has given the WWE’s main roster its best stars.

This applies to all the divisions of wrestling. The men have gotten a boost thanks to former NXT talents like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and a handful of other guys. So, too, has the tag team community, as American Alpha’s addition was a much needed get in a post-brand extension world.

Then there’s the women. A division that has improved dramatically on the main roster thanks to a few former NXT performers, but was thinned out to the point of absurdity when the WWE Draft hit. As a direct result, the people in charge of making decisions made one of the harder ones that had to be made, and essentially plucked every able body from NXT’s women’s division.

There isn’t much left in the wake of the move. NXT is now void — save for Asuka — of a single performer the casual audience knows.

Because of that, naturally, the division has taken a hit. Gone are the days of 5-star matches between Sasha Banks and Bayley. In their place are incredibly green talent who will need time to develop before even putting on 3-star matches.

There’s been some good here, though.

Ember Moon has already burst onto the scene in tremendous fashion. She has showcased incredible in-ring abilities. The type that can make one envision her not only helping in the rebuild of the NXT women’s division, but starring on the main roster at some point in the relative near future.

That’s mostly the issue — and designed point — here. NXT streams on our future-devices for us to consume, and the WWE broadcasts it as if it is a legit federation, but its biggest purpose is not building a better NXT. Rather, it is to mold talent to help make the WWE have a better tomorrow.

Inherently, every single time a talent becomes “good,” they are gone. This is why the NXT women’s division is in such shambles. All involved — from the book makers to the women themselves — did such a great job that it was raided to the point of leaving the cupboards empty on the insides.

This does not mean there’s no coming back from this. As already noted with Moon, there are going to be highly trained talent joining the fold, as well as those green WWE-picked women who just need to work on their craft. While there will obviously be varying success for each different female performer, to give up on the division simply because mostly unknowns are trotting about it would be shortsighted.

That’s where patience comes in.

Yes. Everyone totally gets it. It’s slightly frustrating to have to learn about a division all over again, as most of the talent in it are brand new. But that’s the negative approach to looking at it. Instead, it should be about learning about all these new, interesting and talented women, and what they bring to the table.

With NXT only airing a one-hour weekly show (which is really only 40-ish minutes of NXT product), it is going to take the company a while before we can even sniff the golden era of women’s wrestling NXT had during The Four Horsewomen days. So, again, patience.

Hold your heads up high, wrestling fans. We have a long journey ahead of us. One filled with a plethora of pitfalls, dangers, inevitable failures and some likely mishaps. But despite all of that, and potentially even more, NXT has done enough right to earn our trust.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt in rectifying a currently “thin” division is both deserved and expected. We can all relax.

Patience is needed for NXT’s women’s division

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